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‘Jersey Is A Very Nice Girl’

The artist formerly known as Jersey Jaxin sends out this myspace bulletin: “hey all thank u for the emails and comments its helping me alot,it puts a smile on my face and a skip in my steps.One word inspirational!I know not where life may take me but already starting over its a golden road.Im trying to respond to all sorry if I dont ,but you all mean alot to me and I hope I can make a difference in myself and others.xoxo’s much love and best wishes.”

Christian writes on XPT: “I have known jersey since she first started in this business when katie gold found her in texas. she is a very nice girl who unfortunately makes really bad choices when it comes to men, scenes, jobs, drugs, etc, etc, etc. i wish her the best in the future and hope she is okay.”

Fireplug Fan writes:

Years ago, I had one of those telemarketer jobs where you call people up and persuade them to give money to some charitable cause. The company I worked for took 30% off the top. We collected mostly for police associations. We weren’t allowed to say anything that suggested that we were policemen, but eventually I realized that everyone thought we were policemen. In terms of moral depravity, it was worse than porn, but not as bad as getting school girls hooked on heroin and then pimping them. Some of the guys enjoyed it, but after a year I quit with stress-related health problems that stayed with me for several years. I stayed with it as long as I did for the same reason girls who don’t like porn stay in porn; I hadn’t done the hard work of figuring out how else to get a pay check.

Remember what Shelley Lubben would say: Every telemarketer is someone’s child. Abuse occurs every day in the telemarketing industry. So when a non-profit telemarketer calls you and tries to get you to donate money so his telemarketing firm can take their 30% of your money, offer him a Super Walmart card.

The telemarketing job turned out to be the kick in the butt that persuaded me to go to college. I’ve noticed that a lot of these girls’ stories are the same. They got into porn because it didn’t require any training or education and someone offered them money. A year or two in what turns out to be a really horrible job gives them the motivation to either get serious about education or go through the trouble of hunting for a job they can support themselves with. That’s the great thing about free will; it gives you the opportunity to make bad decisions, and the opportunity to learn from them.

I’m sure Tanya is a nice girl, and I wish her well. But just once, I’d like to see a girl leaving porn say “I fucked up. I thought I could handle porn, but I can’t. I’m getting out before my bad decision screws me up any more.” I’m saving my Walmart cards for her.

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