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Jersey Jaxin Blogs

The woman formerly known as porn star Jersey Jaxin blogs on MySpace:

Do you feel your life is disrupted and you feel like when you call home you feel sorrow and loss ,I did too.That was me! I did a interview w/Shelley Ludden and is stuck to me what I released to her and the cameras!I am officially out of the porn industry.I to myself have freed myself and my soul.Thank you all who are supporting me and my recovery,its hard but I just couldnt be empty anymore,so to all that ask thats why I left,emotional and mental abuse etc.,couldnt do it anymore. There are people in the industry that speak well to me and congratulated me and thank u! To those that down me I’m not sorry I left,I needed to,I’m relieved. May peace be in your soul and one day you move on to greater things.xoxos love yall and I’m coping as well as possible with the change in life and myself,but its worth it cause I believe I am.

I know my heart is free and I have my lighted path.It may be rocky but the slice of my soul is worth it.I got a call and texts last night from a female still in the industry I had ties with and idle threats of suing,hope she releases and lets go,I know cause she has told me she doesnt want to perform anymore but its a tizzie,I’m free and healthy and as for a message I got some guy trying to bad mouth me for speaking saying enough moms and dads have issues with their kids being performers and his words in the parents eyes in a “seedy” industry,that I need to silence myself. NO NO NO! I have 1st and 3rd amendment rights and my power ables me to freedom and speech and love and undying devotional direction.So I am happy if I can help anyone industry or not and if I had such a impact that they took time to contact me in any form of communication I am inspired and Happy.Congrats to Jason too for moving on out of the industry Im proud.keep the faith.

dream,never have to wear a mask, release materialistic things. Be spiritually free and happy your prosperity and path will lay before you,just have faith. When others try to bring you down use it as drive towards a greater goal and a fuller life within yourself. Somebody is always there for you. Your never alone!I’m grateful and even estatic for all the support I am getting on my new journey.When you think you have nothing or you make a decision and thing you will lose everything have faith, somebodys always listening. Ty everyone again,ty above,ty shelley,ty emily, and ty the ex becca b. We love you all and dont fear cause someone is here. I know!

First off I want to thank everyone for their support,love,and emails again.Also Shelley for helping me through rough patches and helping with my daily salvation,I’m so happy I have her and all of ya’ll to be here for me through the transition. Also for all those woman out there please look into and read Proverbs 31,its awesome and truthful.There is hope!I myself was helped to be guided out and Camryn K,McKenzie M.,Phoebe J.,Katie G.,Shay S.,Becca B.,Kelsey M., and Vanilla S. have all been able to move on with life,family,and love.Thank goodness we have greats to help us and continue to help others in every way possible.Xoxo’s all my love keep the faith,best to my mentor Shelley L. too and her quest.

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