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Jersey Jaxin is Dead- Shelley Lubbin Style

thanks to Ed for the tip

photo courtesy of Bang Bros

I remember porn chick Jersey Jaxin as a short timer. What I would call an “in & Outter” The only thinkg memorable to me about her was that she had the outline of the state of texas tattooed around her belly button. (So why name herself Jersey? and not Dallas?) She left the industry last summer for religion.

She has now taken on a new persona, and a new name. Miss Pisteuo Abba is now “living my life free of chains! Born Again and spreading the Good News.”

“I’m no longer that girl, not even the old Tanya! Be my Friend if you support me in my efforts to spread the Good News. If you came to my site looking for Jersey, God wants to speak to you, to give you a message. She is dead, as Jersey WAS dead. No more!”

(From what I can figure out, Pisteuo Abba is a rough translation of to believe in the father. Although any word that starts with Pis would not be in my name, lol )


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