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Jesse Jane- Exclusive Interview- Part 2 “I’ve had sex in a lot of weird places”

Interview By Cindi Loftus
 Photos Courtesy of Digital Playground 
©2010Xcitement Magazine

Part 1 is here

X: Out of all the crazy sex scenes that you have done, if someone didn’t know who you were, (they’d have to be on another planet somewhere) and we wanted them to see Jesse Jane. What is the one movie they should buy and watch?
 J: That’s a hard question. Probably Pirates because that is such a huge crazy big budget movie that has never been done before, so they would really be impressed by the movie itself. But either Pirates or Pirates 2 because I have crazy scenes in both of them. So that is always a good way to get introduced to porn is to have them watch Pirates. After they have seen that they become porn fiends. That’s why we shoot the movies that we do like Nurses, Teachers, Fly Girls, because those are movies they are comfortable watching.

X: Because there is so much more than just sex, the great storyline, props, sets, costumes…
J: We are couple oriented. We want to just not please the guy, although we do have plenty of lines that are straight to the sex for people that do want to see that. But we also have all these that couples can watch together and it turns ‘em on because it’s almost like you get into the story and the character and see what the movie is. It almost gets you into role playing.

X: You’re right. You are into the story and the sex works itself in.
J: Like, ooh there’s that in here too, I forgot we were watching that kind of movie.

X: You’re movies really do look like mainstream movies.
J: Well we have a really good team. They do CGI effects. We have great editing. Robbie D. is an amazing director. The perfect team is just set up.

X: Very true. So where is the weirdest place you ever had sex?
J: I’ve had sex in a lot of weird places. Kind of hard to choose one. But a funny one was, there’s a big major highway from Oklahoma to Texas, I was having sex on I35 going about 85 miles an hour on top of a guy in the driver’s seat, next to a highway patrolman. I must be crazy.

X: And you didn’t get pulled over.
J: I did not get pulled over, thank god for tinted windows. (Laughs) Really good tinted windows.

X: How did the guy see and steer while he was screwing you?
J: I did all the work while he drove. I bounced up and down on him and I did it to the side so he could still see the road, just because we are having sex doesn’t mean I want to get killed. I like to live too. (laughs)

X: You know how they say it’s dangerous to text and drive?
J: Yep. They say no texting and driving. Nobody says anything about sex and driving.

X: What are the best and worst things about your job?
J: The best things are I get to have incredible sex and get made up for it. So I get to do full on role-playing because everybody else does it with you. So they dress you up and they fix you up. And I get to make all these movies and have incredible sex. I get to travel the world, which is awesome. I get to go to cool parties and meet cool people. It’s just fun. But the sucky part is the assumption that people have that if you’re a porn star you fuck everybody. And I’m just a total normal person. Also there is a good part about traveling and there is a sucky part about traveling. I live in a plane or in an airport so much out of the year. I’m not home a lot and it’s really hard to do that. I’m only home a day or a day and a half in between things. I’m unpacking, repacking, running errands. It’s never like ya have a break.

X: It seems like it would be so stressful, because even if you have the day off, and say you have to leave tomorrow morning at six. I would always be counting the hours I have before I have to go to the airport.
J: That’s what I do. Just because I’m home a couple days, doesn’t mean that you’re like, home. I still have to update all my sites, shoot content for my websites. There is always something to do. So it’s never like you have a day, where you are just like, I have nothing to do.

X: What would you do with a day like that?
J: I don’t even know what I would do with a day like that. I think I would find a spa and go hang out with my friends and go get my nails done, get a facial and a massage, go out to lunch, to shop, go out and maybe get drunk, and have a good old time.

X: I think you should get to have a least one of those days a month, don’t you?
J: Maybe. In December I’m slower because it’s Christmas. But I still have four or five things I have to do in December.

X: Where is your favorite place or country that you’ve been too?
J: Uhhh, that’s so hard. I love Paris. I love Bora Bora. I love Australia. I’ve been to Italy. I’ve been to so many cool places it’s hard to choice one.

X: Is there any place that you haven’t been yet that you want to go?
J: Africa, that I am going to this month for the Sexpo, in Cape Town, South Africa. I am super excited about that. Next year I am going to the Hong Kong Sexpo and the Norway Sexpo.

X: Well one good thing is you must be saving your money, because you certainly don’t have time to spend it.
J: (Laughs) I find a way. Especially when you are stuck in a hotel room and there is online shopping. I do a lot to my house even though I’m not home.

X: Do you have an unfulfilled fantasy?
J: No, not really. I’ve been in the business for eight years now. So anything that I’ve wanted to do, I’ve pretty much done. But I’m sure I can still come up with things. I’ve got a very perverted mind. If I come up with something and we are shooting features and we are bored, I act it out behind the scenes. Riley is usually with me.

X: You are a bad girl. Do you want to write and direct movies?
J: I did before, but I wouldn’t now. The way that DVDs sell right now, and the piracy, it makes no sense.

X: That’s true. Now everyone wants to go with 3D because they are saying that 3D can’t be pirated.
J: Digital Playground has a secret 3D movie that we are going to shoot.
X: Not secret anymore!
J: Well I can’t tell you what it is.

X: You are keeping a lot of secrets from me Jesse.
 J: (Laughs)

X: You must have some really cool fans.
 J: Actually, my fans are some of the coolest fans you can get. They are real people, they obviously see my sex stuff, but they want to know about me, what I do in my normal life, even if it’s something boring.

X: They are very interested in the real you. What is the coolest thing a fan has ever done for you?
 J: That’s hard because I’ve had a lot of fans do really cool things, like people put time into making some really cool art pieces to give me. Anytime I go to feature dance they bring me flowers or candy or sometimes a gift which they don’t have to. Or they remember my birthday and they know, they pay attention to what you like, where you like to go, even like Jamba Juice and stuff. They are really sweet.

X: Doesn’t that make you feel special?
J: Well yeah, wow. If you think I am interesting like that, cool. It’s very flattering.

X: Do you get recognized everywhere you go?
J: Oh yeah.

X: When you are in the grocery store with sweats and a pony tail do people still come up to you and say oh my god it’s Jesse Jane?
 J: Yeah. What’s weird is you can tell who I am because I don’t like to wear makeup. I’m a tomboy. I wear mascara and chapstick. What is flattering in a way and but also I am like wait a minute, is when people say, you look so much better in person. Does that mean I look bad in my movies? They put so much makeup on me in movies because you are supposed to be made up like that, to heavily accent your features. So it’s flattering to me that they like me without the makeup because I am not a girly girl, I just have to act like one. I am actually one of the lowest maintenance people you will ever probably meet, especially in this industry.

X: That’s funny, because you are right. I picture you as being princess”y”
 J: No. But don’t get me wrong I like to buy stuff, and I’ll get excited when I have to buy something to wear like a dress and great shoes, but usually I’m in a tank top and shorts. And when it gets cold I’ll wear a hoody, but yes it has bling on it.

X: You are one of those people who look good in anything or nothing.
J: Thank you!

X: I have some questions from your fans. What is on your bucket list?
J: Ever since I was a kid I’ve wanted to travel the world so I still have a few more countries that I’d love to see. So go to see more countries. To fuck Angelina Jolie is definitely on my bucket list, I just have to find a way to do it. I want write a book.

X: And I want to read your book! One of your fans wants to know if you’ve ever been to a drag show.
J: Yeah! They are so fun. There was this one in Oklahoma City that they have every Friday night, that was awesome. I’ve been to one in Italy. I’ve been to quite a few.

X: Another fan question. What does your bedroom look like?
J: It’s really big, that was one of my home projects. I have a stripper pole. I have a California bed. I have big huge elegant chairs and a chaise lounge. I built a whole nother room for my closet. My closet is the size of someone’s studio apartment. I have a black marble and teak wood bathroom with a rain forest shower.

X: That sounds beautiful.
J: But no hot pink and zebra.

X: No shelves full of sex toys either?
J: No I hide my vibrators and all my toys. You will not find anything porno in my house, and my sex toys are very well hidden.

X: Well it might be hidden at home, but you sure are sexy on screen. I would say that you are the most well known working porn star in the world.
J: Thank you! That is one cool thing, because Digital Playground has such good marketing, they are well known world-wide. So when I go to other countries people know who you are.

X: How does it feel to be the most famous porn star in the world?
J: (Giggles) I don’t know. I don’t want to think about it. I just want to enjoy what I do. That keeps me grounded.

X: You are down to earth. Sophie Dee wanted me to tell you that you are her favorite porn star and that she waits in line at conventions to get your autograph and get her picture taken with you.
J: Ahhh. I talk to her on twitter. That is so sweet. That is flattering.

X: Another fan wants to know if you smoke pot.
J: I don’t. I have tried it, but it doesn’t do anything for me. I laugh for five minutes and immediately no matter where I have been I fall asleep.

X: Tell me about your website.
J: After a lot of hard work, is finally live! You can see lots of shoots and videos I do at home and on set. I will be doing live shows and everybody can come and see me for ten minutes, and then when I get naked and start doing things you will have to be a member to see that. Also when I am bored at hotels I can pop on so you can see me, and I will be doing some private shows. You can also see all my movies. I’m also going to have guest stars so I can have a guy or a girl fuck me.

X: That sounds great! More excuses to have sex with Riley.
J: Yeah! Wooo hooo! (laughs)

X: Do you have a message for your fans?
J: Yes. I love you guys. Thank you all for supporting me. You fucking rock!

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