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Jesse Jane, Is Jesse Jane Again…

NL-There’s a lot you can learn on twitter, but sometimes you have to read between the lines. So this is me, reading between the lines-

Digital Playground contract stars Jesse Jane & Bibi Jones had a really nasty twitter battle that lasted a couple months, with many fans and industry folks jumping in to take sides. Jesse hinted that she wouldn’t stay with DP unless they got rid of Bibi. Jesse also started another twitter account under her real name (which she let everyone know was her), Cindy Taylor.

The name Jesse Jane is owned (trademarked?) by DP. So i figured that was the reason for Cindy’s move to her real name. To get fans used to her as Cindy before she left DP. She tweeted recently that she had made her last movie for DP.

But in a brilliant twist that seems like it would be on LA Law, Cindy Taylor announced yesterday that she is again Jesse Jane. I took this to mean that she had re-signed with DP, but NO!

Cindy Taylor has legally changed her name to Jesse Jane! So now no one can stop her from using it. And if you go to her site, there is no Digital Playground logo on it….

I’m sure a deal was made, and I hope it works out well for both sides. DP content is on Jesse’s site and links to scenes with other DP girls. So I hope the parting is friendly. DP is a solid company, and Jesse is a wonderful, savvy porn star.

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