Jesse Jane on public intoxication bust: I was drugged

jesse jane

Porn star Jesse Jane claims she was drugged before her public intoxication arrest earlier this month, insisting she only had two drinks before becoming “extremely incoherent,” she told The Post.

Jane — whose real name is Cindy Taylor — was arrested on Nov. 10 in Norman, Oklahoma, after the Oklahoma Sooners beat Oklahoma State. Police body-camera footage obtained by KFOR shows the 38-year-old skin flick star drunk, soaked in her own urine and unable to provide cops with a number for someone to pick her up after she was found lying on a sidewalk.

jesse jane

“As you can see in the story, it looks like you got great footage of me being intoxicated,” Jane told The Post in an email. “But what you watched is actually the direct affects [sic] of what it looks like when someone is roofied. I was extremely incoherent as seen in the video. I couldn’t even stand up on my own.”

Jane said she didn’t even understand what was happening during her interaction with police until she was being fingerprinted inside a police station.

“I was never actually booked into jail,” she continued. “I was released.”


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