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jessica drake- Exclusive Interview! “I get them naked!” part 1

She writes a column for LA Weekly. She gives seminars on sexual topics, this year some will be in Norway. She runs her website and updates it a few times a week. She feature dances and appears around the country. She writes movie scripts; she has three or four in the works right now. She rents out her house to shoot movies. She now has a weekly radio show for Playboy on Sirius. And oh, did I mention that she is one of the top porn stars on the planet? I had a fabulous chat with Wicked’s jessica drake…


Interview By Cindi Loftus   
Photos By Wicked Pictures
   ©2010 Xcitement Magazine

Xcitement: I’m really excited about your radio show.

jessica: Oh my God, me too. It’s going really well. I did my sixth show last night. I get more comfortable each time so I can focus on other things instead of just getting the necessary information out of my mouth. It’s really cool. Radio and live TV and public speaking are all things I love. It’s so different though. I’ve done so many radio shows, TV and stuff, but when you are driving the bus yourself it’s a completely different animal. When they do that count down, 3,2,1 and then we’re live. I love that count down. But when it’s just you behind the microphone, you are anchoring it all. You are opening. You are setting the tone. There is a lot of pressure. But with every show that I do it gets easier.  It is something that I have always wanted to do.

X: You don’t have nervousness, stage fright before you go on?

J: No, not at all. I don’t really get stage fright when I am doing live radio. When I am doing TV it’s a little bit different. I sometimes filled in on Night Calls on TV. I didn’t have much experience back then but I knew that I found it really exciting and I did then get really bad stage fright. Five minutes before the show, regardless of how prepared I was or how confident I was that the show was going to go really well, those five minutes I was on pins and needles.  But then the Producer would do the count down, and when I stepped onto the set I was fine, it went away. Same thing happens to me at strip clubs sometimes when I am doing an appearance and it’s super crowded. Initially when the DJ is reading my intro, same thing. But once I am on stage I am fine.

X: The butterflies. The anticipation.

J: But you know it’s not a bad feeling. It keeps me on my toes.

X: How did you figure out what you wanted to do on your show?

J: When I first was in talks about this show I knew that I wanted to make it very interactive because that is my approach to the industry right now, because interactivity is something that you can’t download for free. It’s one of the things that is not being affected by the piracy problem. I really want listeners, potential fans, to feel they have a say in the show.

X: You have gotten amazing feedback. I went on twitter last night and asked everyone about it.

J: I ask people to help me choose the theme for upcoming shows. I do that every week on twitter. And the response has been really great.

X: Well your fans talked to me all about last night’s show on Twitter. They told me all about it. Your topic was oral sex. The phone lines were really busy. They told me who your guests were. They told me about your callers. They told me everything!

J: I love it! Last night I had Lizz Tayler and Alexa James. Alexa was my casting couch cutie.  I take advantage of the fact that I have a couch in studio. I pretty much audition these chicks. I mean I’m not banging them.

X: Okay. (Laughs)

J: That you know of. (Laughs) I audition them. I talk to them. I get them naked. I see if they have what it takes to be in the business. Sometimes I have them improvise things with me or show me their techniques.

X: It must be nice to be able to pick whom you want to have on your show and possibly do sexy things to them that we can’t see.

J: It is great! Now some of the things can be seen. Playboy has been shooting behind the scenes of my show. They aren’t in the studio with me, but there are a few BTS cameras set up in the studio during my show.

X: I was hoping I could listen to a repeat of your show online. But they don’t have them available.

J: I don’t think I have done enough of them yet. They have replayed the show a few times but it’s not in their regular rotation yet.

X: Well it’s already a success. You give 110% to everything that you do, and I don’t know how you have time to fit it all into your schedule. Starring, directing, writing, I’m sure you’ve got some new movie coming out and another one that you are working on.

J: I starred in a couple movies that are just out. Alibi is out. Wicked Games is out. I just shot the box cover for Private Lessons and Tattletail. I’ve got another really great one that is coming out called Hooked. That one has some really great stuff in it. As far as directing goes, I directed a movie called Three Days in June, I also starred in it and wrote it and it will be out in June. I am getting ready to direct another one, but we are nailing down the details now. Right now my priority isthe big motorcycle movie that we are working on. We are getting the script together and we are going to start rehearsing. We are going to have a ton of extras and some amazing motorcycle stunt work. I think it is going to be one of the greatest movies that we have ever done. From what I hear there is going to be another great group scene, so we will see what happens with that.

X: Think we could talk you into another DP?

J: Of course! I was talking about that on my show the other night. I said I did it for Fallen and I won best DP sex scene, I did it for 2040, and everyone did an amazing job in the sex scene and we won best group scene for it. So I am already planning and plotting and clamoring for the cast list because it is my goal to have sex with everybody in that group scene.

X: Who do you look forward to having sex with that you haven’t had sex with yet?

J: Janine is at the top of my list. Rocco is on my list, and I don’t mean Rocco Reed. I have had sex with Rocco Reed and I love it, he is great.

X: He is gorgeous.

J: Oh, isn’t he?

X: And he is so sweet too.

J: He is such a lover. But I’m talking about the Rocco that is not so much a lover, the Rocco that doesn’t like to cuddle.

X: Siffredi!

J: I would love to work with him. I still have a pretty big wish list but it changes all the time. As far as girls there is rarely a girl that I lay eyes on that I don’t want to work with.

X: Don’t you love the porn “work with” connotation? I always think it’s funny that porn performers say I’m going to be working with her tomorrow, or we are going to be working together soon. We can substitute the word fuck, fucking or having sex with for work.

J: It’s great. There are so many things I love about being in this business, but really to be on set, to choose who I want to have sex with, to have amazing sex, and then they leave you alone afterwards, is brilliant. It’s remarkable. I love that. I absolutely love it. It’s really rewarding. You know what Cindi? I just worked with Marie Luv in Private Lessons that Marcus London directed. It’s in editing right now.  Marie was amazing. I’m going to get myself some more of that. It was really hot. I met Marie on Twitter, and we got to know each other a little better. We met at a couple industry events and we spent some time together. And I said, like you said, God I gotta work with you!

X: She’s a little hottie, isn’t she?

J: She’s amazing and that body is to die for.

 Read the whole interview and see the naked pics here

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