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Jessica Jaymes Exclusive Interview by Pepe

Pictures courtesy of Jessica

Interview by Pepe of EstrellasDelPorno-in Spainish

Hi Jessica, I am really glad at last you give and interview I don’t consider myself a fan from you I consider myself a friend.
How old are you and where are you from?

i am i am 27 . born march 8th 1982. born and raised in anchorage , ak.
Which are your measures Jessica?
my measurements are 34dd-24-33
How tall are you?
Can tell us a little about your background? I heard you have a part of Indian.

I am Seminole Indian. From my fathers side, Czech, and French descendant
I know you were a teacher before starting in porn, what happened forchanging your mind and becoming a famous porn star now?
I was approached to do my first cover and layout in 2000.. i did and was hooked…
In 2004 you became Hustler’s first contract model and the “Hustler Honey of the Year, How was the experience of being the first ever contract girl for one of the best companies in the adult business?
I was extremely excited and honored..and to this day , veyr proud. out of all the women in the world, i was chosen, that must mean something special. And it will go down is history.
Larry Flint was like your mentor in the adult business, how is Larry in person?
Larry is actually very cool and funny. Although he is confined to a wheel chair and has a minor speech impediment, there is nothing Larry can’t and won’t do. He is smart, powerful and witty.

So you feel that Hustler had really been very supportive of you and Everything in the time you were contract girl?
Yes and they are to this day. The gave me creative rain on my movie “Stuntgirl” which i produced and ended up getting 8 avn nominations and Winning three, including best “all sex release”. Also winning best new starlet in Italy at the “delta de Vinere ” awards when they sent Me out there to shoot the “porn identity”. I don’t even live in that
Why you decide leaving Hustler one day?
although hustler was amazing…i wanted to branch out and persue my own dreams and aspirations. I now own and operate my own companies…Jessica Jaymes inc.. from,,, and expanding every day! And still being a pornstar and shooting for all the other companies as well…most recently landing penthouse pet of the month and soon hosting my own show …can’t say too much .
How long have you been in the business and how many movies have you made?
i have been in the business for 9 years .and i have made about 300 films with every major film company in the world. I am racked up quite a resume in the process. From radio to tabloids, form magazine to main stream….
Are there any of your movies you’re especially proud of?
I absolutely loved making “stuntgirl” and Jessica Jaymes “jetset”. And for a comical release, i loved “beauty and the body guard”.
Will do, won’t do: When filming, what will you for film and what is Absolutely not?
I will do just about anything…for my website only. that what I offer members…as for outside of that. i played my career the best i know how. Only doing girls the first four year. Then signing on with hustler and offering boy/girl scenes. And to this day. You will still never see me in group scenes, blow bangs or more than one guy in a scene in exception on my site i have been selective and careful resulting in a long successful journey.
I see you have now an amazing new website, You take a long time and worked so hard for launching it being on of the Most visited websites in the porn business, do you still keep on adding new Contents and offering web cam shows as usual?
That’s one thing i pride myself on with my site. It’s extremely interactive with private cams, weekly cams, weekly video and pic update, weekly blogs, vod’s, stores, custom items also access to other sites if you are a member. But a major plus is the exclusivity. Almost everything you see inside you can’t find anywhere else in the world. and won’t . I work very hard everyday to achieve that and pride myself on that as well.
The web cam shows on the site are really hot and funny, do you enjoy Interacting with your fans?
YES!!!! I keep them different, sexy, and loads of fun every week. I try to answer every question, take every request and have a blast doing it.
How do you feel about meeting your fans in person?
I love it. I love my job. There’s nothing better than when a fan approaches you with a smile. and it’s because of your work. I”m really big on making people feel good and happy. and if you put yourself in the public’de better be able to handle it with kooth and respect. I absolutely love the fans !
You didn’t use doing anal scenes in your movies. Are you doing now anal scenes in your website?

Only for my site…you pay to be a member ..and it’s a token of my graditude for being a “customer”. Not to mention I’m a devious girl and live a good ass
You did tons of gorgeous photosets with the best photographers in the business, Do you like to work specially with someone?
Oh my gosh , soooo many in my career…but i do have some faves. Suze and Holly Randall are amazing. They are most famous for there extremely classy and pretty photos…With them I landed club, club international, high society, chery..just to name a few…another big time fave is Larent sky…he’s extremely edgy and artistic. he did all my favourite movies and Hustler covers and Layouts…another couple are Steven Hicks, Earl miller, Nicholas Sage, Ken Marcus, Misha, Lisa Boyle, Josh Ryan…..I could go on and on!
One of your best photosets I see from you lately was for Holly Randall in, are you thinking is shooting for her soon again?
Yes. Holly and I are planning on shooting at her mothers ranch (Suze Randall) while the weather is still nice.
What company would you like to work to and still you could do it?

There isn’t any companies I’ve never worked for…I’ve been doing this a longgggg time lol.
Who is your favourite porn star female ever?
Again…so many…and for all different reasons. Tera Patrick, Alektra blue, Jenna, Nikki Benz, Puma Swede, Janine Lindenmulder…Janine is amazing!
Which guys get you off the best?
haha! Evan Stone, Marcus London and Tommy Gunn.

Can you tell me your three favourite porn stars nowadays?
I really  enjoy working with Lexxi Tyler, Tyler Faith, Shyla Stylez, Regan Reese, and always Evan Stone !
Which was the hottest scene you do specially you remember?
I really have to think about that one…probably in hustler taboo with talon, a b/g scene. i was all in bondage. Crazy set. One of the hottest scenes EVER!!! Great production (Larent sky).
Let’s talk about a little of sex… Is bigger better?
No…as long as you can work it(but it helps) just not too big!
What’s the best way to make you cum?
well, as you know i have a huge clit, so some serious oral clitoris action.
¿Cocks or Pussies?
Both! But i love a good cock!
Do you like fingering when you are watching porn?
I don’t watch porn…i know ..funny huh? It’s like watching all my friends and co-workers.
How many cocks did you eat at the same time?
5…in a gang bang i did for my site…but that day i actually took 8.
Do you like anal sex Jessica?
Not particularly. I’m extremely tight so it’s a bit painful.
Which is the best cock in the business?
Evan Stone, Chris Strokes, Tommy Gunn, Ralph Long and Nick Manning.
What about the business pussies, Do you like someone in special?
I love Janines Pussy..tastes so good and it’s pretty.
Spit or Swallow?
Would you like doing a gangbang?
I have and i love it!
How much time would you like been working in the porn business?

I will always be in the business in some respect. I work every angle from directing, producing, performing, managing, distributing, investing, etc..
Would you like keep on working in something connected whit the adult movies when you are retired?

Are you in love now Jessica? Can you tell me who the lucky guy is?.
Yes..i’m in love with my cat, Micah and my best friend…an Italian drummer from the band Kingsley.
If you could change any three things in the adult business, what would you change?
The way some of the talent is managed…and i am doing my part to change it…i treat my contract girls the way i want to be treated. And I never was. Plus a fellow talent and women’s perspective is something great I can and do offer. I would also push “porn education” to the new talent…so they can Manage their money, their mind, and know what to expect from the biz…a lot of girls come in very young and are oblivious. They end up seeing a lot of money…and do whatever they are asked to get it and have a shelf life in porn on an average of 7 months to a year because they are over exposed and have done everything imaginable…and are now broke.. Knowledge is key…
Do you think the adult industry does enough to protect the girl’s and the men’s safety and health?
Yes…all talent is tested every 28 days for the HIV antibody, syphilis, gonorrhoea and Chlamydia…also offering guardisyl vaccinations, pap smears and check ups…
When you’re out in public, on the street, shopping, do you have people recognize you much?
I”m a sweat pants, hat and tank top chic…so I’m on the down low quite often…now if I’m all dolled up like in porn then I’m in trouble .
Do you know my country Spain? Would you like to visit soon?
I would love to visit…it’s number one on my list!
Are you conscious you are on of the most beautiful and hot girls in PornValley and this interviewer is still in love with you Jessica?
ha-ha! I am extremely humble. So although people tell me that, i still don’t see it. I’m just your average girl.
Did you feel comfortable with my interview Jess?

i love the interview…very appropriate and original questions. xoxoxox
Thanks a lot for allowing me the time Jessica, Tons of kisses and Love from me and your Spanish Fans.
My pleasure. Love you!

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