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Jessie Lee Donation Site & Update

November 9th 2010
Jessie Lee is currently stable, and is expected to move from ICU into a recovery room soon. She has a fractured neck, which is being operated on this afternoon. She’s sleeping a lot, but able to talk when she’s awake, and is aware of those around her. And somehow, throughout all of this, she has managed to not break a single nail!

from jessies mom– she is moving all her extremities, with equal strength on both sides. she is sitting up, and yelling at the doctors =)

November 10th 2010
Jessie’s surgery went well and she is currently in recovery! She’s also been moved from ICU into her own hospital room.


Joanna Angel has started a site that has all Jessie Lee’s info, updates and events to benefit her, plus how to donate. Joanna is of course trying to get Jessie’s bills paid by the car insurance company, but Joanna says on twitter “im trying to get as much as i can but they are of course-  we need any extra help we can get!”


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