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Jessie Lee In ICU-Update-Another UPDATE

ANOTHER UPDATE- According to Joanna-Jessie will be okay, she went to see her in the hospital. Joanna says-Pls send teddy bears preferably hello kitty no flowers to 1 Robert wood Johnson pl new Brunswick nj 08901 s icu room 1 co Jessie lee !!


UPDATE- The info that is coming in is that Joanna was driving, made a U-turn and a car slammed into the passenger side of the vehicle where Jessie was sitting. Jessie had to be resuscitated at the scene. She has a broken neck and other injuries. She has improved since last night but is still in ICU at Robert Wood Johnson hospital.  AVN is reporting that she ” is currently responsive with no signs of permanent incapacitation.”


I’ve been following the news that there was a car accident in NY yesterday and Jessie Lee ( OMGitsJessieLee) has been seriously injured and is in the ICU.

Joanna Angel was also in the accident but was not hurt. Joanna Says it was a “Terrible car accident”  and because of it she was unable to attend Exxxotica Last night but will be there at 2pm today.

Joanna also says “everyone wear your fucking seatbelts” Which leads me to believe that is why Joanna was not injured but Jessie Lee was, of course at this time that is only speculation on my part.

As soon as I get an update on Jessie Lee’s condition I’ll post it here. ( Hope you are okay Jessie!)

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