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Jessie Lee- Surgery & Update

NL-Jessie is having surgery today and then hopefully she will be on the road to recovery. As often happens Jessie has no health insurance, but as far as I know the car insurance company is liable for payment of her injuries (who ever is deemed at fault in the accident) Of course that also has limits. When I was in an accident ( that was someone elses fault) car insurance paid the first $10,000 no questions asked, then I would have had to go to court for more. Jessie’s bills are easily going to be over $100,000, so that is quite a different situation. And I am sure there will have to be a legal settlement or lawsuit (unfortunately) to cover her injuries.

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Jessie Lee Update – where to send gifts/money – HELP OUT!
For those who know – one of my best friends, ex-roomie Jessie Lee was in a terrible car accident a few days ago in New Jersey
I just spoke with her family, who is now with her in New Jersey – and will be staying with her the entire time she is in the hospital.
She will be in the hospital for no less than another 5 days – and is having surgery either today or tomorrow – so PLEASE send all the positive vibes you can her way.
If you would like to send her physical gifts and cards – please send them to
770 Mill Road Apt 2f, west seneca, ny, 14224
which is where she will be (with her family) upon being discharged from the hospital.
ALSO! if you would like to send her any money – she doesnt have health insurance and will not be able to work for a while once shes back on her feet – please send money directly to her paypal which is [email protected]
Please continue sending her all the love you can via twitter/facebook/whatever you can.
I will update as I hear more
I dont care who you are – or what you do – please spread the word – re post this – re blog it – do whatever you can to spread the word and help out one of the best people on earth.
– J

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