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Jessie Lee’s Mother Updates Us…


  A LETTER FROM JESSIE’S MOTHER: November 15th 2010
As everyone is aware.. Jessie was in a near fatal accident, of which she was revived, back to life, at the scene. She suffered a broken neck, and severe head trauma. She was admitted to the SICU.

Aside from the visible injuries, she had bleeding, bruising, and swelling of the brain, bleeding and blood clots in the arteries located in the back of her head. She has staples on the right side of her head due to the hemotoma (gash) on her head from the impact of the accident.

When she arrived in the ICU they had a very difficult time stabling her blood pressure and pulse. She also suffered a TIA (a mini stroke). But was eventually put in critical but stable condition. At first she was only conscious for a minute or less at a time. Her surgery required her to be responsive, so it waited until the following tuesday (4 days after the accident).

On Tuesday the doctors operated on her neck. They made an incision through the front of her neck and placed a titanium plate in order to support her neck. She has right sided weakness and needs help to walk, which she is just beginning to do. She has no short term memory and generally can’t remember what was said to her 15 minutes prior.

On Thursday at 3AM, she was confused as to where she was, and why, that she attempted to get out of bed, fell on the floor, cut her lip and chin, as well as hit her head, so the hospital ran another cat scan to see if there was any further damage. She can remember people and places. She often thinks she is in a hospital because she is sick and has to be reminded of the car accident. She is unable to remember how to really text or “tweet”.

Once discharged, she will be going back to Buffalo for intense neurological inpatient rehab. She is a tough person. This will be a long struggle for her and your prayers are always needed.

Thank you to everyone for the donations and encouragement. She is so lucky to have so many awesome friends and fans. She stated that she can’t believe that so many people that love her and has so many friends. I will let everyone know her status on a regular basis. We are so grateful for everything everyone has done for her.

Thank You!
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NL- We have to leave legal/insurance issues out of comments for now guys. We don’t want it to effect anything going on with helping Jessie.

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