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Jessy Jones Pulling The Ole Bait and Switch

I know, the first thing that pops into your mind is Jessy is using James Bartholet’s pictures on a hooking ad, then he’s showing up. As much as I’d love to hear that story, it’s unconfirmed, so I’ll stick with something that is.

Before I get into this, I want all of you to know that Lasha and her band of FABG’s have to kill me. It’s been 48 hours since they put me on notice, as I type this, I know my life and the contents of my fridge are in danger. Pray for us.

A few days ago, multiple agents had a meetings, part of the meeting was a conversation about Jessy Jones, this isn’t the first meeting about him either. The first was a lengthy agency email chat about Jessy’s view on agents…

Apparently Jessy is trying to book girls under the guise they are shooting for Evil Angel, when in reality it’s for Smash. Jessy was fired from Evil a awhile back, so I’m not sure how anyone can fall for this. Of course in this day and age of porn, rapists and women beaters are fired and rehired weekly, so there’s that…

The bigger issue, Jessy is or was, shooting car scenes. The girls reported back that they didn’t feel safe because I guess Gangster J has been drinking and or doing “other things” that may impair his driving. 

Not sure if this tweet is connected to the agency meeting, but the timing fits.

And as usual, nothing is ever Jessy’s fault. Everyone is lying about poor old Jessy.

Cue Jessy threatening to have one of his shotgun wielding fans kill me.. Maybe he will get drunk one day, rent a U-Haul, pick up the FABGs, then swing by and grab the designated driver Dakota Skye, and come kill me, lol.



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