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Jet setting Jasmine & King Noire to Appear at the Sexual Health Alliance

Jet setting Jasmine

Sex power couple Jet Setting Jasmine and King Noire will be appearing at the Sexual Health Alliance on Friday October 9 and Saturday, October 10.

The conference is aimed to train sex therapists, sex educators and professionals on issues that create barriers to clients in alternative lifestyle relationships, sex workers and/or marginalized communities having healthy and genuine relationships with mental health providers.

The conference will challenge providers to assess their own biases and undertaking of stigma towards clients with different backgrounds, professions and lifestyles, that taint their ability to provide comprehensive ethical care.

Students will learn directly from Sex Positive professionals including, sex workers, medical providers and attorneys to be best positioned at supporting their clients.

“It feels right to have people that want to serve our community and or educate others about Sex and Sexuality actually learn from people that are living the life!  As a psychotherapist myself, I know that some of the best education I received was experiential and intimate with the population I wanted to help,” says Jasmine. “I am also thrilled that we have an opportunity to offer other sex workers this scholarship that can add another dimension to their careers.  Sustaining oneself in the sex industry is so important, as many have found that trying to shift into mainstream work is often met stigma and unsatisfactory ways of earning a living.  I want to see people be able to use their skillsets long into their retirement.”

“We are beyond excited to welcome Jasmine into the SHA family! We fell in love with her instantly with her work and wisdom surrounding unconventional clients and therapeutic approach,” says a spokesperson from SHA. “This is one conference you do not want to miss, Jasmine will do a deep dive into the hottest topics facing your clients. This weekend will push your boundaries and help you grow into a sexceptional professional.”

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