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Jewel DeNyle Allows No Drugs On Set

She writes on XPT:

From what I’ve seen most of the time the girls end up getting into the party scene after porn as the door just opens for them at all the parties. I’m not an angel I partied a few times in my life but it wasn’t a lifestyle it was very casual. I think going to a party cutting loose and having a good time is one thing but when you choose to live your life as one big party and use porn to supply it then that’s when the problems begin. I don’t condone any sort of drug usage on my sets. Yes I’ve had a girl smoke a bowl or a joint and I let it slide but I make it very clear if you are pulling out the heavy stuff you will be kicked off my sets. And I’ve kicked a few girls off my sets before that’s not a secret. The biggest mistake these new girls make today is they come in and think it’s going to be so glamorous and the phone will never stop ringing but one day that phone will stop and the money will run out and so does the supply of parties and party favors. From what I’ve witnessed in today’s porn drugs are ramped and everyone wants to throw parties for the sake of partying. Most girls come in fresh and leave tore up but that’s their choice on how they intend on handeling this industry as it’s not for everyone.

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