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Jewel DeNyle Interview

I call her Thursday afternoon.

Luke: “What brings you back to doing scenes?”

Jewel: “I just did a solo masturbation scene yesterday. It’s my first thing I’ve done in four years. I did a fetish-type movie with Shelly Martinez, a former ECW wrestler. She just signed on with TNA. She’s going to be on there on pay-per-view this Sunday. ‘Bound for Glory’. She’s also going to be in the Fox reality show ‘The Search for the Next Elvira.’ It’s a Betty Page-type bondage thing. It’s the most artistic and most fun movie I’ve done.”

Luke: “Why are you coming back to do scenes?”

Jewel: “I’m just doing these movies and that’s it. I just started my new company Platinum Jewel. It’s going to be distributed through Wicked and Sinsation Pictures. I’m going to release a movie a month.”

Jewel left LA four years ago. She lives in Ohio. Her boyfriend (in the rock band Traces of Envy) lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Luke: “Why did you have the falling out with your mother (De’Bella) and why are you talking to her again?”

Jewel: “My mom was in a bad place at one time. I didn’t agree with the things she was doing and how she was portraying herself. She left Redlight and started thinking for herself. Now she’s cleaned up her act and is back to the person I once knew. We were able to mend our relationship and everything is going well.”

Luke: “What about your relationship with [Jewel’s stepdad] Larry Schwarz?”

Jewel: “I have no relationship with that man.”

Luke: “When did you end that?”

Jewel: “As soon as he started pimping out my mother. I didn’t like the things he was having her do and the way he was portraying her. I thought it was complete trash. It was disrespectful to me and to my mother.”

Luke: “What was your relationship like with Larry before?”

Jewel: “I’ve never had a close relationship with him.”

Luke: “Is it true that Larry had a sexual relationship with your step-sister?”

Jewel: “His adopted daughter who I never really knew. She’s 20 years older than me. But yeah, he got in trouble for that. It’s public record.”

Luke: “Is that related to that big bust that ended his political career?”

Jewel: “Yes.”

Luke: “Did Larry sexually molest you?”

Jewel: “I don’t want to get into that. He’s a screwed-up individual. He’s got a lot of issues. Any man who lives with three 19-year old girls, it’s obvious the kind of person he is.”

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