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Jewel DeNyle Leaves Fifth Element/Anarchy

Jewel posts July 9: “I’m leaving 5th Element and the Trina Michaels DVD will be the last title I have through them. I must say they had my back when the chips were down and I lost everything I started. I can and will never be able to repay them for the love and loyalty they showed me during the hardest time in my life. If it weren’t for them I would of ended up with nothing. Call me difficult yes call me a bitch yes but unprofessional never and they understood that and even when I had my freak out moments and meltdowns they took it like champs. I will always be their lil sis hehe! I’m going to be starting my own company again called Platinum Jewel I will have more details at a later time as right now I’m in the process of getting things started. I will shine once more just this time I’m smarter and refined in the company I choose.”

A source says: “The truth is that during the past year, Jewel De’Nyle released close to ten titles through Fifth Element, the distribution arm of Anarchy Films, and she was never paid properly. When she says: […I had my freak out moments and meltdowns…], she’s refering to the times when she had to go to Anarchy’s office month after month to get her money, and they were making all stories and excuses about how they haven’t collected anything, therefore they can’t pay her. That’s when she was freaking out, screaming: how am I going to make a living like this? Anarchy Films nearly drove her into bankruptcy. Jewel is not alone. Every producer who was unfortunate enough to distribute through Anarchy Films/ Fifth Element, is on the same boat with Jewel De’Nyle; though she will probably deny the truth, trying not to show anybody she’s bleeding.”

Jewel posts July 14: “I’m thick and not skinny by any means nor have I ever been the skinny girl. I’m curvy and built like a brick shit house. My hubby calles me a tank. I do kickboxing so I’m feeling very fit and strong but no way thin I’m between a 4 and a 6 now with DD tits. To be honest I think that’s what has made me special for so many years as I was thick before it was in style. And thanks to all of you whom apperciate a little meat.”

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