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Jim South on HIV, interview by Jade

What Jim South has to say about the recent HIV case

Written by Jade at the

Since this is my first interview, I would like a little forgiveness for any mistakes that might have been made in the course of this interview…

What’s the main question that you have for AIM Jim?

Jim- First of all I was confused because I thought that AIM made people sign a release form when they did their monthly tests, that allowed the industry to know the names of the people who are quarantined.

What is one of the major concerns with AIM not revealing the names?

Jim-The concern with AIM giving us a list of names is that the talent wants to know if they were exposed to the HIV virus, by working with the person who had tested positive for HIV.

What did they do in the old days regarding testing?

Jim- In the old days everybody who was tested, was contacted if there was a problem.

Example: a girl was quarantined and the girl who was quarantined was honest about being quarantined, because her current HIV test was still good. So I could have booked her for another shoot because I wouldn’t of known that she had been quarantined.

Is HIV something that most XXX performers need to worry about?

Jim- Anything’s possible we could be hit by a comet it can happen. 8,000 movies were released last year, with 4 sex scenes per movie that’s 32,000 for the year, as far as we know there has only been one case that’s been proven since 2004, no matter what the media says about the other supposed unreported cases. Porn performers are still safer then the General Public in regards to HIV and AID’S.

Why do you think in the 90’s that most of the people who tested positive in the XXX industry were men?

Jim- Because a lot of men back then were drug users who were using needles, but
Do you think that government funding and testing every two weeks, with the talent not having to pay out of their pocket, might be a better plan?

Jim- Of course, they are making a huge income off the taxes from the talent, so why can’t they have a stimulus package for an HIV test in the XXX industry?

Do you think the government knows about condoms having microscopic tear’s but doesn’t care because they might be receiving kick backs from the major condom corporations?

Jim- No! The tears are possible, but I have no idea why the government won’t say anything about the microscopic tears in condoms.

Do you think that some of the talent is practicing unsafe sex practices outside of the XXX industry?

Jim-Some, sure of course, everybody within the industry need’s to look out for everybody in the industry… It’s not just their health they’re jeopardizing it’s everybody’s health they’re putting at risk.


Jade adds-Jim actually explained to me that it’s easier for a woman to contact the disease, but the people at AIM did tell me that it’s easier for men to contact the disease.  I’m not really sure? If anyone is positive on which sex has the most cases of HIV please send a e-mail to the

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