Jingle Butts!

Jingle Butts!

Ho, ho, hold on on here! We’ve just come across something truly special as we approach the holidays and wanted to kick-start these festive times with a slap-tastic video! We present Jingle Butts, an inventive and captivating video from media gurus, Zulu Alpha Kilo. They partnered with Colon Cancer Canada and drummer, Jorge Perez to create something every ass man will enjoy!

The world-renowned percussionist is best known for his work in PATAX, his jazz-fusion band but today he plays Jingle Bells by slapping on some ass! Jorge really gets into it and we’re happy he has such a passion for his work.

More Jingle Butts

The video features his performance, the Jingle Butts auditions and some general fun around the Zulu Alpha Kilo offices. The video raises awareness for Colon Cancer Canada and the donations are rolling in! We simply can’t look away. This beats those braking jingle dogs any day!

Jingle Butts Casting

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Jingle Butts at PORN.COM

Can you think of a more creative way to play Jingle Bells? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @worldsbestporn

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