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JM Shoot ROBBED at Gunpoint

From by way of PornStar Babylon

From Charlie Malloy at xxxPornTalk:

It happened. I was there. Gia Jordan was too. I put some pics on the FOX blog, Couldn’t post them here last night because I was working off my phone. Will post more pictures later today.

From FOX Magazine:

(Sepulveda/North Hills CA) Jim Powers’ Ami Emerson shoot for JM Productions was interrupted Wednesday evening by an armed gunman who robbed the production at gunpoint. Just before the motley crop of male talent dropped trou and loads, production manager Johnny Thrust burst onto the San Fernando Valley soundstage, shouting “I just got fucking robbed! They put a gun to my head!” Thrust described the gunman as a light-skinned black man wearing an LA Dodgers jersey. The reported take was $3,750. More photos tomorrow, and details as they become available.

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