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Joanna Angel’s Passover Seder

I call her in New York Wednesday.

Joanna: “I had Passover with my family last night in New Jersey.”

Luke: “And with Brian Gross.”

Joanna: “Brian flew to New York just to come to my seder. He is Jewish. My mom doesn’t like non-Jews come to the seder. She says non-Jews can come over for dinner whenever they want but not for the seder. She doesn’t even want half-Jews.

“Another girl was there, JoJo, she works in the Burning Angel office. My sisters could not make it.”

“We did the whole seder in Hebrew. Brian Gross even read some Hebrew. My mom helped him.”

Luke: “Did you drink four cups of wine?”

Joanna: “I had a lot more than four.”

Luke: “Who read the four questions?”

Joanna: “I did because my little sister was not there. My mom was drunk. She started asking Brian, ‘Why is Joanna doing this for a living?’ Brian felt awkward. Then we just changed the subject. She said, ‘Why does she put on these sex shows? I don’t understand.’ She always calls pornos ‘sex shows’ or ‘sex movies.’

“My dad felt awkward too, so he just changed the subject.”

“We went till 1:30 in the morning. We don’t skip things. We read the whole haggadah. As there were two people there who didn’t know exactly what was going on (Brian and JoJo), my mom had to stop and explain things.”

Luke: “What did you do for the first seder?”

Joanna: “My parents don’t know that I didn’t really do anything. According to them, I went to my friend’s house.”

Luke: “Did you clean your apartment for Passover?”

Joanna: “No.”

Luke: “Are you going to eat bread?”

Joanna: “I don’t want to. Last year I broke it and I felt bad.”

“Brian took a photo of the seder and my mom said, ‘Don’t put that in the press!’

“I was like, ‘Mom, this is my publicist.’ She doesn’t understand what a publicist is. She’s like, ‘A publisher?’ She kept calling him, ‘Joanna’s publisher.’ She said, ‘Why do you need a publisher? Are you writing a book?’”

Conky writes:

It’s a fascinating insight into how Joanna spends her religious festivals.

We need more items like this to humanize porn stars, so that their absolute degradation on film becomes even more strokeworthy.

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