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Joe Francis, among others Trashed by Comedian Doug Stanhope

NL-Doug Stanhope is my favorite comedian. He did a podcast for Pink Visual. It’s not really funny, but he does talk about porn & porn people the whole time. You might enjoy listening to it.

The only nice thing he said was-” I liked Gauge in her day.”

He did trash a few adult industry peeps & also Joe Francis, “Joe Francis is the most awful human being I have ever met in all my time in the entertainment business. He is the grossest human being I have ever come across.”

Press Release- Stanhope declares Francis the ‘grossest human being I’ve ever run across’

CYBERSPACE — In an interview for the latest episode of the porn industry podcast 2Men1Podcast (, comedian Doug Stanhope pulls no punches in expressing his opinion of Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis.

Years ago, Stanhope did a brief stint as the “MC” in an early edition of the Girls Gone Wild video series. When asked by 2Men1Podcast hosts Q Boyer and Don G about his work for Francis and GGW, Stanhope landed a gut-punch of a response, packed with his trademark acerbic wit and brash style.

“The only fascination that man (Francis) has is with himself,” said Stanhope in one of his milder comments on Francis. “(He is) the most awful human being I’ve ever met in all my time in the entertainment business. From being in the entertainment business to just enjoying entertainment in a spank booth, he is the grossest human being I’ve ever run across.”

Stanhope didn’t stop there, and continued to riff on Francis relentlessly, in between speaking about his love for obscure porn niches and offering his breakdown of the state of stand-up comedy and the state of the union

“We knew that having Stanhope on the show would produce some interesting sparks and solid entertainment for our listeners,” said Q Boyer, co-host of 2Men1Podcast and marketing coordinator for adult entertainment studio Pink Visual ( “What we didn’t know was that asking him about Girls Gone Wild would lead to one of the funniest and most ruthless bits of impromptu character assassination I’ve heard in a long, long time.”

Since 2Men1Podcast premiered in July 2009, the porn-centric entertainment and news show has continued to deliver compelling guest interviews, including Stanhope, alt porn icon Joanna Angel and Paul Bellini, a gay porn producer and long-time “Kids in the Hall” collaborator.

“Having Stanhope on the show was our equivalent of giving our listeners a shiny nugget of fried gold as a precursor to the holiday season,” said Don G, co-host of 2Men1Podcast. “After Doug got done with him, I can honestly say that I felt a bit sorry for Francis, which I had previously thought to be impossible.”

To hear the Doug Stanhope interview, check it out at or subscribe to 2Men1Podcast via iTunes here.

About Doug Stanhope:
Doug Stanhope is a stand-up comic who got his start in 1990. His material ranges from true-life graphic perversion to volatile social criticism. Doug is vulgar, opinionated, brutally honest and shockingly uninhibited – and certainly not for everybody. Despite his self-proclaimed selective appeal, Doug has built a long and varied television resume, including serving as host of “The Man Show” on Comedy Central, appearances on “The Howard Stern Show,” “Comedy Central Presents,” and the BBC production “Floor Show Live” (while on ecstasy), among many other programs. Doug has released three CDs and three DVDs, including the 2008 “No Refunds” through Showtime.


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