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Joe Louglin/AMA Content Not Paying Talent?

NL-I got this info from a reliable source, but since I can’t confirm it with a second source, it should only be considered a rumor. I have sent an e-mail to Joe, but he has not written me back

Joe Louglin of AMA Content isn’t paying his talent.  He owes money to female and male talent and a lot of our industry’s agency.  In fact, one of our industry’s bigger agency refuses to work with Mr. Louglin because of late payments.

Mr. Louglin hasn’t paid talent for work done 3 months ago.  When approached for payment Mr. Louglin replies, “I cannot give you what I don’t have…  You’ll get it when it’s available.  End of story.  If I go bankrupt then no one gets anything.”

Our economy has put a lot of individuals in difficult circumstances but Mr. Louglin is often paid in advance by his employers so he can pay his female and male talent the date the job is done.  He pockets the pay and later doesn’t pay the talent or the talent’s agents.

Warn agencies and talent to avoid working with Mr. Louglin until his debts are paid in fear of not getting paid “anything”.

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