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Joel Stein’s wife said OK, but he declined an offer to simulate sex on camera. What happened?

Joel writes in The Los Angeles Times:

I ALWAYS WONDERED how much my soul was worth. So when Cinemax asked me if I’d go on camera to interview soft-core porn stars on the set of its new series, “Sin City Diaries,” in return for $2,000 and a free night in Las Vegas, I discovered that my soul was worth some amount less than $2,000 and a free night in Las Vegas.

Shortly after arriving in the morning at the Palomino strip club and interviewing the show’s star, Amber Smith, I was approached by John Quinn, the show’s creator and executive producer. Quinn, clearly rattled, told me that the guy playing the role of “Chef” couldn’t make his flight from Los Angeles, and he offered me $450 to take his place. I felt just like Lana Turner at Schwab’s.

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