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John Dallas Trying to do Sex Scenes WITHOUT a Proper Test?

NL-Katarina Kat’s husband C Los writes me about a scary job offer, (And I’ve seen the e-mails to back up what he is saying)

John Dallas e-mails from Fresh Face Video. He offered Katarina Kat  2 shoots. He  asked for a break on her rate if he booked her twice in one day. She  told him  fine, that she was with LA Direct Models and would let them know so that they can set everything up. Anyway a bunch of emails went back and forth and something didn’t feel right.

First it turned out to be only one shoot but he wanted to only pay the discounted rate that was going to be per scene since he was booking 2 scenes in one day.

Before Katarina  drives 2 hours to  shoot, I want John Dallas to e-mail a copy of his AIM test and company information so that we can have it on file.

Dallas assures Katarina that everything is cool and emailed her the company info but no AIM test. He wrote that he was recently tested and had the “hard copy” but it wasn’t online yet. I told her it was kind of impossible to have a “hard copy” if the test hasn’t even posted.

So I advised her to have LA Direct check and little did Dallas know that we have a producer’s account with the testing facilities so I can go online and check myself. I went online and found nothing the day of the shoot and LA Direct called the testing facility and were told that he was never tested there.

After LA Direct contacted him to ask him what was up, I understand that he’s reply was “that he needed to re-schedule her anyways and he will pay the $100 rescheduling fee”

What kind of bullshit is that…imagine how many girls he’s gotten to shoot without a test (maybe none but its the principal)? Why would you go through so much trouble just to do something stupid like this? Maybe I am out of place sharing this but I am sure that there are a lot of male and female talents that do NOT appreciate this type of behavior and do not want to risk their health for a quick buck.

There are always risk involved in this industry but we work hard to make sure that we minimize those risk and we don’t really need some asshole fucking that up. Now I am just a peanut in this industry and do not claim to be more than that, but I do care about my health and the health of others. Shit like this is what makes the industry risky! If everyone in it got tested regulary and didn’t fuck around on their spare time (or at least were little more responsible with the partners they chose) the industry would probably be the safest place to get laid. HA! Laughing My cheap two cents!
C Los “the freakin’ monster”

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