John Legendary Competes For the Love of Lena in New YouTube Series @mrlegendaryxxx

john legendary

(Los Angeles, CA / December 6, 2023) — John Legendary is taking the plunge into reality TV as a contestant on For the Love of Lena, a fresh new series from Adam22 and Lena the Plug that finds the handsome onscreen star competing for the grand prize of a threesome with the popular couple for their very first Boy-Boy-Girl encounter.

Currently offering up enticing episodes on, with the grand finale set to crown the winner on, Legendary says that he’s excited to give fans the chance to get to know him a bit better throughout the reality competition’s ten eye-popping episodes.

“As a fan of Plug Talk Podcast and the online hijinks of Adam and Lena as they interview a different female performer every week – with Lena hooking up with them at the end of every show – I was thrilled to be invited to For the Love of Lena to see if I was a match for this married couple to take their sexual journey further with their first three-way with a man,” said Legendary, whose involvement in the swinging ‘hotwife’ community makes him an ideal candidate for this unique competition.

“I must admit that a reality rivalry setup was unusual for me, and it took a minute to get used to jockeying for position in the pursuit of Lena’s attention and being ‘on’ all the time while the cameras followed our every move. But looking back, it was definitely a fun experience that I feel grateful to be a part of.”

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