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John T. Bone Apologizes To Bill Margold

John T. Bone blogs at

t’s my own fault, I should never ever wander over to Luke’s site. The disciples of hate who swarm around him like flies round shit never get anything right, including the idiot who still thinks I had something to do with child pornography, sorry Bill I should have known better.
For the record, the guy who turned me in to the police also pursued a campaign of hate mail and internet postings accusing me of this crime without one scrap of evidence to prove it and the hate morons that proliferate the internet ate it up and continued his campaign of lies for him.
For the record.
I was arrested for owning a Blog that permitted access to porn pay sites, a completely trumped up charge to cover the fact that the police found nothing to charge me with when they searched my apartment.
The newspaper reports were taken directly from the accusations sent to the police by the guy who turned me in and were totally fabricated. The charges where dropped for lack of evidence, there was never a suggestion of child pornography except for the ones placed anonymously on the internet and proliferated by the hate squad.
The internet has proved to be a haven for these sicko’s, they hide behind fake names and attack anybody like rabid dogs, at least Mike South has the guts to put his name to his outpourings.
Today, in this campaign of hate, clearly the other guy is winning, I have been arrested twice, the second time there was no publicity and again no evidence and of course no charges filed, I am publicly accused of child pornography with not one shred of evidence to substantiate the charge and all by faceless nameless cowards, but I am just as stupid as they are, I read a lie posted about my friend totally contrary to his nature and I believed it, sorry Bill!

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