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John T. Bone Falsifying IDs?

Brian writes:

The following titles produced by John T Bone have at least one bogus/falsified ID in them:

Teenage ASIAN Transessexual #1
Teenage ASIAN Transessexual #2
Lady Boy, Lady Bunny

Memoirs Of A Ladyboy
Tabo Too

Ts Sex In Thailand

Her Pole His Hole #5

Teeny Thais
School Of Cock

The story….

John and I were set to shoot several movies together. Outside of that, he had his projects, I had mine. We started production together, I found the locations and his Thai ex-wife Porn (pawn) was helping with some of the Talent. She is Thai, speaks Thai… you get the point. My job was to get the locations and help anywhere else I could, including getting talent if need be. I did provide some talent, all of legal age, and some I believe Porn (ex wife) brought the rest to the set.

At that time, John brought a professional camera man named Bill from LA to work for him. Bill ending up getting sick of it all and left early dropping the still photos to me. (Bill does NOT know about any of this and was not around during the paperwor at any time, but he was the one to take the pics of the models in question) At that time I had no idea how to take a photo but John built my confidence to do it so I did. John was to handle all the paperwork and him and his ex-wife would go over the IDs and work with the models to get the releases signed. A little producion line. We had the location for a while so once that was secured I was just taking some pics and helping the models on the set, clean shit, sleep… whatever. John was the AVN award winner and 22 year industry vet, I was just watching him work for the most part and doing what he asked me to do.

So yes, I was there on the sets and I’m pretty sure there are photos of me there, but at the time none of us knew but John and his ex-wife what was going on. I’m actually expecting those pics to show up here soon as a way to discredit me, as William the drug dealer was always on sets taking behind the scene pics. That is something him and John would do. Dirt bags until the bitter end. So when those pop up, know that I was there, but I did not do the paperwork or know about any of it. I had another person there, two people there in fact who would testify in court to that. In fact, Johns name or his wife’s should be the ones on the paperwork. But I don’t think John will be posting any of that soon. Though, I think when those do pop up, since we will all know it’s them, I may has well out William as well and some secret pics I got of him in Angles City, Philippines along with some info about his drug business. I’ve had this cock sucker tailed for a while by private eyes because I never trusted him, and it turns out I was 100% correct. This guy keeps all his cash IN HIS HOUSE in Thailand!!!!

Back to the issue at hand… The fact that I was there and knew what was going on is why I contacted the authorities as soon as I had the IDs of some of the models to show them how old they really were.

A while after the first two movies were made I ran into one of the models again and started talking to her. She was asking about the other ID and why we needed it. I was confused so asked her what she was talking about. Turns out she was only 17 and since she did not have an ID, she was told to go and find someone who looked like her and that would be good enough. FYI, this model is now of legal age, but at the time of production, she was not. Since those first two movies, I had since shot a few more movies (still unknowing what he was doing) with John before running into this model I will add.

So I started my own investigation into each model I was able to track down. I found similar stories. Once I had this information confirmed, I severed my project with John and did not want anything to do with the movies. Things unraveled from there. I do not own these movies, get paid from these movies, use the footage or have anything to do with them. His name is on the boxes but one of my producer names did end up on the credits anyway. An error probably not in my favor, but since he knew was pissed over it, I think he did it just to drag me down with him if he fell. He would do that. However, there is no one who can produce my name on a contract for these movies or a cent paid to me for them. NOTHING!

At this point I am willing to accept my fate. The authorities said I did the right thing by contacting them first, so that is a breath of fresh air. I was scared shitless to talk to anyone about this. It was not an easy thing to do and come forward with. I know the possible ramifications in the industry, but I know wrong when I see it and I did what was right. Some people are PISSED a me for bringing this to the light, but they should not hate the messenger. Hate the man who broke the law.

William the drug dealer and one of their attorneys who they didn’t know I knew well (dumb asses as they are) admitted to the plot to have me arrested in Thailand. So now the cops are supposed to be looking for me, thanks to them. I’ll deal with that as it comes, not too worried to be honest with you.

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