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John T. Bone Tells Platinum Blue To Cease And Desist

Bone, who hates my guts, blogs to Platinum Blue:

You have failed to answer any of my emails, you have failed to send me last months report and royalties, you have fraudulently collected my money and withheld it, you have seriously breached the contract under which you are permitted to distribute my movies. Therefore you leave me no alternative but to instruct you to immediately
from distributing my movies and/or representing yourselves as a sales agent of my product. You are herewith instructed to pay me all outstanding royalties within 7 days and return all of my masters.
If you fail to comply within the 7 day time frame all rights to the titles in dispute along with your debts will be sold to a third party. No territories or rights deals that you have made will be honored, all VOD and electronic distributions deals you have made are hereby dishonored and all incomes derived from such sales shall become the property of the new owners.

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