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John T. Bone Wants To Set The Record Straight

He blogs:

I was arrested for owing a website/Blog with ads and links to porno sites. Not for shooting and certainly not for anything to do with ID’s or underage performers. Irrespective of Mike Smith and his stupid near lies “I wouldn’t be surprised if….” or “there might be a possibility that….” or “the FBI might….” there is no suggestion in the charges of anything to do with underage girls. This myth was created last year by one of my competitors who wants Thailand for himself, possibly the very same guy who turned me into the cops.
There is some very dirty pool going on here perpetrated by one of our own kind and perpetuated by fools.
If you click on a link on my site you are taken to another site that I do not own to see porn, the police are accusing me of of operating a site that is a portal enabling people to access porn, my widely reported argument with the police was simply that any cyber café by offering internet access could be accused of the same crime. It also means that any webmaster visiting Thailand for a holiday could be in the same position as me. Mike Smith has invented the underage charges, why? Because he so desperately needs attention?
Mike, the attention you crave comes from doing good work or from being respected by your peers, not by backbiting and rumor mongering. Kicking a man when he is down has all of the trade marks of a school yard bully. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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