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JOHNNY SINS responds

JOHNNY SINS responds to “Compare & Contrast”, my post of June 21

“To clear things up, I have never done gay porn and am not gay. This is a solo I did when I was first trying to get in the business 3 years ago when asshole directors lie to you and tell you this is where you have to start. Someone on here is obviously trying to start shit since the video obviously says its a “solo” meaning alone with no other guys!” Jun 23, 7:25 PM

Thank you for clearing that up Johnny. This was a story of just the facts. I received the press release, but thought nothing of it because I didn’t even know who you were. And I didn’t recognise anyone on the box cover

The only reason I even heard anything about it was because I was told that Lisa Ann called AVN and had them take down the picture of you that went with the story on the gay new release Sinful Sessions. So the picture on that story now, has just the two other guys and you have been removed.

On the Xbix story though, the picture is still all three of you. So either Lisa didn’t call Xbiz and ask them to take down your picture, OR she called them and they wouldn’t take it down.

You are absolutely right, it does say SOLO, right there on the cover. And doing a solo for a gay movie certainly doesn’t mean you are gay. I would think that solo would be even harder, (or maybe that’s the wrong word), let me rephrase that, more difficult, to do then a scene with a partner. If you have a partner, you can get distracted from the camera by focusing on their body and the pleasure you are experiencing. If you are doing a solo, you have your dick in your hand and a camera in front of you. I would really be interested in hearing- How DO you get and keep a hard on? How do you distract yourself from the camera? What do you think about?
Thanks for reading LIB Johnny. Hope to hear from you again.

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