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Jordan Kingsley Interview- She Wants to Get Fucked Silly!

By Toney from

So, a couple months ago, or maybe it was more like a few months ago, not too sure. Lets say 4000 tweets ago. GT XXXTREME jumped on the Twitter train and began tweeting about our damn sexy website. We met many industry makers in the biz on there plus many new friends, one being Jordan Kingsley! Known as one of the sexiest MILF’s in the industry, Jordan Kingsley was kind enough to hang out a bit so we can get the inside scoop about her and who she wants to be fucked silly by. Let’s move on and find out…

GT: Hey Jordan, First off before we start, I just wanted to say thanks so much for chillin’ with us. Like Jay-Z says, the 30’s are the new 20’s! You started your career in adult film when you hit 30. What made you jump into the film industry of porn?

JK: I went to the AVN convention in Jan 08, at the time I was dating a male porn star, we were in our hotel room having sex and you know in Vegas all the rooms have mirrors, well I was watching myself in the mirror having sex, and thinking how much I enjoyed it and how sexy I looked, so right then and there I decided I was going to get into the business!

GT: Damn, I’m gonna have to get some mirrors in my room. Tell my wife, See hun, I could be a pornstar too. And she’ll laugh so never mind. Anyway…

GT: Just like your first kiss, I’m sure you didn’t forget your first scene on camera. Who was it with and what was it like?

JK: My first scene was for Bang Bros and it was a POV scene with Preston, I didn’t know it at the time but he is known for super big cum shots and when it was time I took a huge load all over my face, and most of it went right in my eye…when he touched my eye it all just gushed out of my eyeball. I tried my hardest to not freak out and screw up the ending and just went with it, but inside I was just like freaking out!

GT: Um yeeaah! I wouldn’t want a bleach blop of cum shooting into my eye either. You’re a strong woman you!

GT: What were you like in high school? Were you the hot popular chick or that geeky chick that everyone knew when she grew up she would be HOT?

JK: Hot I most certainly was not, I was a total jock in high school, I played basketball all 4 years. I never got into hair and make-up, I was not the sexy cheerleader type. As a matter of fact I was tall, lanky and just one of the boys!

GT: And now you’re a little hottie aren’t you!

GT: Let’s get to know a little about any hobbies you might have. Besides making wonderful hump time with men and women, what type of hobbies do you have?

JK: Since I have admitted to being a jock, I love adventure and sports, hiking, the gym, and I love reading a good book outside in a lounge chair by my pool. My most favorite hobby is playing with my two amazing pups Dimitri (3 year old Poodle Mix, rescue) and Ozzie (6 month old Mini Schnauzer)

GT: So, you’re a HUGE Harry Potter fan. With all the parodies in play in the industry, if they would do a “Not Harry Potter XXX” film and you were in it, who would you play? Who would you want to play Harry Potter?

JK: Looks like you researched me well, I would love to play an evil role and be, “he who must not be named” AKA…Voldemort. But since its a role for a male, I would have to do strap on scenes with girls…haha

GT: OK, that would be HOT as hell.

GT: If you were abandoned on a deserted island and all you had was a portable DVD player that had enough charge time for one movie to play, what movie would that be and why?

JK: WOW, good question…it would have to be one of my all time favs, “The Outsiders” It has one of the most amazing and sexy male casts…I can rewind it over and over and get all horny watching them all the time…and I because there are so many of them I could focus on a different one every time. Another amazing thing about the movie is the soundtrack, it has a song by Stevie Wonder that I can listen to over and over again called “Stay Gold”

GT: Yeah Stevie kinda Rocks doesn’t he?

GT: What are you listening to on your MP3 player?

JK: I am all over the place, from the new Whitney album, to Micheal Buble and Josh Groban the I switch to the Killers and Marilyn Manson…then I am off listening to 80’s and Loverboy…but since I am a Jersey girl…Bon Jovi is always on my playlist!!!


GT: With whom did you have the best sex/orgasm with while filming? And which film was it in?

JK: Mmmmmmm, wouldn’t you like to know…hehe! Really they are all different, I had an amazing time because I squirted for the first time with Shane Diesel in MILFS TAKE DEISEL 3 (my first IR scene) , and then I did a scene with Anthony Rosano where the passion and chemistry was amazing called the Erotic MILF Stories…funny enough both are for New Sensations!

GT: Squirt huh? We’ll save that for another conversation…

GT: What was your worse sex experience during filming?

JK: Boy oh boy, that one I’ll keep locked inside my own head…you really don’t want to know about it!!!

GT: Fine, if you say so.

GT: Is there any starlet that you haven’t worked with that you’re dying to fuck?

JK: OH YEAH… women, it’s for sure Bella Donna and men I am dying to work with Rocco Siffredi and Manuel Ferrara! Can you tell I am dying for a super strong scene where I can be fucked silly!

GT: Well you need to get on that. Call New Sensations to make it happen coz we all want to see you get fucked silly!

GT: How about positions? If there was one position that you would want to have sexy time in right now what would it be and why?

JK: I get that question alot, and my answer is always the same, it depends on the moment! There are so many amazing positions that feel awesome, but again it depends on the scene, chemistry with whoever I am working with and mood! I am not afraid to try anything once…I hate it when people automatically dismiss something without trying it just because they “think” they might not like it…how do you know unless you try!

GT: Tru Dat Yo, Tru Dat

GT: What do you see happening in your future in this business?

JK: Not sure…I am going to ride it out until my phone stops ringing…lol…but in all seriousness, I am going to start producing my own series so watch out, in a few month you’ll be seeing much more of me!!!

GT: OK I’m excited!

GT: Last question. Superheroes are the thing in the movie industry. Everyone digs them. If you had one superpower what would it be and what would you do with it?

JK: HINT: I can’t answer that question because it really has to with the question above, in my series I will be playing a superhero, but I can’t let the cat out of the bag…just yet!

GT: You’re all secretive…haha… Well Jordan we can’t wait to see you in some tights possibly flying around town taking on all the bad dicks and evil pussies in the world. thank you so much for spending the time with us and may your luck in this biz rise to the majors!!!

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