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Jordan Lane- Sexual Fantasy FulFilled!

NL-When I interviewed Jordan Lane a few months back I asked him if he had an unfulfilled fantasy and he said yes, to make love to his wife. Ahhh, you see he had never had a wife. But he does now!  He married Kat Kleevage on Sunday! Best Wishes to you both. I hope you make lots of each others dreams come true…


The story of how they met by Jordan- 

So I meet this girl on set about a year ago (Devils films has our wedding pics and consumation haha) and neither one of us could stand the other. It was so bad that I had to ignore her (Cat) and focus on the other girl to get through the scene. 

Some months later she called me for a ride (she was desperate) and we have been inseperable since.


Sorry to make this short but we have been moving for 3 days lol.


(pics are really small thats why so fuzzy. I’ll see if Jordan can send me some bigger, better ones)

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