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Joseph Adelman

British Webmaster Joseph Adelman Dies

He was born Oct. 13, 1948.

He ran such sites as,, and

Here’s the last posting I can find by Joe A — it was on GFY Sept. 12, 2006:

Sahara as in my sig has had a lot of press in the UK on tv and in mags in the last 15 months. She’s told the story about her family and the reaction to her just appearing on a soft topless call in show on UK satellite tv back in 2004. This has resulted in a lot of new Asian Indian models thinking twice about doing adult.

Before she opened up about the problems I had shot 99% of all the Asian Indians in the UK. Sometimes I’d do 5 shoots in 10 days. Since her press and the problems which I shared with Sahara, receiving 6.30 am phone calls from her about what her family were doing.. I now tell all 18-20 y.o’s who contact me what can happen if they’re close to their family and they’ve all changed their minds as the family is the # 1 priority…

According to his MySpace page:

Originally in fashion for many years. Switched to porn in 1999 and started making Indian content sites. The best known being , and also for making a star of Sahara Knite with I’m also known for only shooting Indian, Oriental and Black models and have been seen on UK tv with Sahara and before I met her, heard on the radio and been published in mags in the last few years, and all about “Indian Porn.”… LOL I’m always looking for new faces anywhere in the UK, so if any Asian/Indian/Oriental females 18+, would like to get in to the adult industry my email address is below…

Joe wrote on his MySpace page: “Me and an ex in the south of France before I went grey.”

Sahara Knite

Joe Adelman with Sahara Knite in happier times.

I first heard from Joe A on Oct. 23, 2005 (a month after I returned from two weeks in London). I had quoted him a couple of times on GFY talking about Sahara Knite. He used to be her webmaster and then they had a nasty falling out.

Many would say Joe A. had an obsession with Sahara and that he acted like a jilted lover. I don’t know how I would describe it but he certainly had a big interest in her and gave me lots of quotes about her. He operated the website He had a fetish for Anglo-Indian girls.

Joe was always nice to me. He’d hit me up several times a week on Yahoo Messenger and do most of the chatting. He gave me story tips and set me up with several interviews with UK pornographers.

Joe was Jewish and we’d chat about life and Judaism. Joe was resolutely secular. He said his mother told him that shiksas (Gentile women) were trouble and here he developed all this trouble with Muslim girl Sahara.

In March 2006, Joe A. told me that Sahara was denied entry to the U.S. and returned to England. I asked her about it. She replied:

depends on who told u I know who it was. It was Joe A. Yes I had sent all my porn stuff over ie clothes. But on my laptop I dont have any escort stuff on it, why should i. they found glamour pics etc plus a diary bit that i had to send to my webmaster who is doing my site. It was that, which more or less said that i was working there. I was not locked up… i sat in immigrations for 5 hours. people really should get there facts right. and then got me on a plane and sent be back. I was not deported, i was refused entry. Theres a difference.. I can come back any time I want with the correct paperwork

and if joe A is telling u all this stuff, u need to remember he is a bitter twisted man who 1 year down the line cannot get over his fixation or whatever he wants to call it. I suggest u tell him to keep his mouth shut otherwise I will give u a copy of the court order, which i will give u permission to print. A court order which sayd that he has to close the sites down forewith but what does he do, he has no original content of me so instead he crawls to all the american companies ive worked for to get stuff from them to keep his site running. Hes ripping of his punters by putting all the american stuff into the paysection of his site. The punter thinks if he joins joes site he will get the full clips of the american stuff but once in he gets a few bits and then he has to join the american webiste to get any more stuff. He has done that with naught america who have already said that there stuff cannot be used in anybodys paysite and can only be used as a promotional tool only, whoch he clearly isnt doing. he is making money from it. Any more u would like to know. I will gladly tell u

Im sure u cant but an old man who keeps harping on about a girl who no longer wants anything to do with him. To keep on about it a year down the line shows he has a fixation which is unhealthy and bordering on being an internet stalker. Its perverse. yuk..

In the Spring of 2006, I developed tendonitis in both of my elbows. I halved the amount of time I spent on the computer and severely reduced my chatting online. I believe the last time I heard from Joe was in May. I don’t remember him saying he was terminally ill. I’m scratching my head now and thinking that he may have told me he had cancer, but I just did not pay much attention. I was so wrapped up in my own issues.

In retrospect, based on what he chiefly talked to me about, it appears that the great love of Joe Adelman’s life was Muslim girl Sahara Knite.

For some reason, Joe really liked me and did everything he could to help me and my column. He help me secure an interview with director One Eyed Jack (Terry Stephens) who emails me Oct. 30:

Joe had been in hospital for nigh on 4 weeks now. He has had trouble keeping his food down and after an operation on his oesophagus was diagnosed with throat cancer which Joe was informed was terminal. His close friend told me that Joe fearing the worse just gave up and his health deteriorated rapidly within the last 2 weeks. I visited Joe with my girlfriend on the Thursday where I found a pale shadow of the little guy with the huge voice. He couldnt speak after his operation and he had lost a serious amount of weight. Anyone who knew Joe would know he was never a portly kind of guy so it was a complete shock to me to see him lying there. I knew he was dying but he still had some fight in him and he seemed genuinely pleased to see us and a few other friends who turned up that day. It was a huge effort for him to even hold my hand and I knew then he wouldnt see out the rest of the week. On the Friday, Joe passed on in his sleep and his funeral was yesterday (Sunday 29th October) Joe was a little guy with a big voice and a huge heart who helped many people in an advisory capacity, including myself and he was above all a very good friend and he will be seriously missed by all his friends and compadres inside the industry and out.

One Eyed Jack posts on British Girls Forum:

I write this with a heavy heart and regret to inform that Joe A has passed on this afternoon. Faye and myself along with Nige, his wife and friend visited for the last time yesterday and despite the fact he was very weak I felt and was assured by his best friend for many years that he was very pleased to see us. He will be seriously missed. I am so sorry to bring this news. Joe was a little guy with a huge heart. I will always remember him this way even when I told him to ‘f—ing shut up! I cant believe for such a small bloke you’ve got a huge f—ing voice on you!’…It was said with respect mind. Now I think about it, it just goes to show how much life he had in him. It is such a shame to see him go this way. I myself have been slashed by the rapier wit of his tongue on a few occasions and told the odd f— off here and there but he always came back. He had a hot temper but he was a fair man and he was ultimately a good friend.

WEG Cory writes:

Back in 2000, when I first started in the business, I had just began as a webmaster support rep for Adult Check. I knew nothing about this business. The office was laid out in a garage style building with cubicles stretched from wall to wall. The sound of your voice tended to travel unimpeded. One morning, I heard the sound of a frustrated rep talking to some guy about Indian sites. The rep was frustrated. The rep placed the phone down and said, “man, JoeA is upset.” Knowing not the first thing about the industry or even what this company did fully, I decided to offer to talk to him. “I will take him, I don’t mind.” Everyone laughed. I took my phone and placed it on the floor of the garage and sat down underneath my cubicle desk. I punched the line live, and he began yelling about his Indian site not being listed in the live links section. He continued to yell, saying things such as “f— all” and “bollocks.” He yelled things that described my being a total idiot. And he kept yelling. I am not sure how long he yelled that morning, however, when it was over, he said: “You know, I don’t think anyone has ever let me yell that long. I think I will call you my new friend.” I responded: “Sure, Thanks. The site is now live.”

Since that morning, I have met JoeA on numerous occasions, including a few times in the great city of London. He was, without question, a guy that lived life to its absolute fullest and someone that played the drums to his own rhythm. He was a nice guy that always wanted to help out and be a part of things. I am sure the world could use more people like Joe. But as for now, his time with us has passed and I can only imagine that his after life journey will be filled with a certain indisputable furry and will for continuance that only JoeA could be attributed with. And if there is a God, I am confident that JoeA’s entry into the great doors of Heaven was nothing short of a festive one. And I also hope the Lord has an assistant to take his calls. Rest in Peace buddy.

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