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Josh Rocks at All His Jobs, Wins PR Award


(September 1, 2010 – Las Vegas, NV) It’s very tough in this economy and with the proliferation of piracy to have a DVD sell successfully; it’s even tougher when the studio who produces a movie has a marketing budget of zero to to work with.  That’s exactly what publicist/director Joshua did with Deviance in 2009, and the results lauded him and his studio, skinworXXX, with Best High-End All Sex Movie at the AVN Awards and CAVR’s DVD of the Year.  These accomplishments, mixed with the rise in star PR of Joshua’s biggest clients, Teagan Presley and Eva Angelina, landed him the Fame Registry Publicist of the Year Award over some very stiff competition.

Felon Kelli Roberts, who runs the Scam Fame Registry, announced the winners of the 2010 Fame Registry Awards on Twitter this past Monday, August 31st, and had this to say about Joshua and his accomplishments in 2009, “This one category took me the longest to analyze and figure out a winner just based on the sheer amount of data involved in the process. It was extremely time consuming but I felt it was an important category to honor those who do the back end work. They work hard for our porn stars and deserve to all be awarded but really there can only be one winner. After all of this, three names stood out the most which was Brian Gross, Erika Icon and Josh Lehman.”

“Well there is one PR “person” who has helped guide the career of several porn stars, quite a few of which were award nominees this year. This person can also credited with the PR success of a title that in today’s horrible economic outlook sold an unreal number of pieces. In fact, this person helped to move a single gonzo title, selling 4 times the total number of pieces in 3 months than the average DVD right now moves in the entire year, with an almost zero dollar marketing budget.” And with that announcement, Joshua, the business partner and fiancee of Teagan Presley, won the Publicist of the Year.

“I gotta be honest, the last year has been one shock after another for me.  To win CAVR and AVN was obviously huge considering Deviance was only my second movie; to win Publicist of the Year against such ridiculously talented competition such as Brian Gross and Erika Icon, shocked is probably an understatement.  Best Suitcase Pimp was an award I jokingly thought a few years ago would be the only won I would win, so I am thrilled I’ve been able to make a good name for myself.” jokes Joshua. “I have made it my forte on Twitter and the other social networks of really pushing my movies and the stars I represent to new levels. I’m glad it’s working!”


CONGRATS Josh, muah!

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