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JT Video Inspected

JT emails:

The inspection was done this evening,5/31. they did not wait till 6/11. they were outside my apt. when i got home from work! they were only interested in 2 titles, EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH + 4 ROOMS. these are 2 gay titles produced in 1997. i showed them the docs i had. 1 thing i was not expecting they asked for was a spreadsheet. this is a doc created with microsoft excel that can cross reference models real name with stage name and video they are in, birthdate etc. fortunately i created this document years ago and saved it in my computer to show them. if i did not have this, it would have been a violation! they were satisfied with ids/releases/spreadsheet.they had their own copier and copied the ids/releases. they purchased the 2 movies from they had printouts of the disclaimers i recorded at the head of the tapes and the dvd boxcovers. unfortunately they found 2 minor violations. 1 was using a po box or mail drop address for location of records. i knew i was in violation of this but i just never felt comfortable having my home address published and dont have an office to use. 2 was that my normal business hours are not posted and that i dont maintain at least 20 normal business hrs per week. i dont know how to rectify that situation. how does one do that when its just a sideline? they said i would probly not be prosecuted for either violation and the worst would be a fine. they could not tell me what amount the fine would be and that is up to dept of justice. so i seek any advise about violation #2. i disagree with the posters lol about P.A.W. both Bill at P.A.W. and Diane at F.S.C. were helping me with advise all day long.

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