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Judge Rules- Janine’s Web cam show/Felon Husband/Visitation

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NL- So much for Janine’s webcast sex shows that started last night. According to the judge she saw today, they are over. When I saw Janine last night she has way more tattoos than she had when I saw her before jail. Here are a couple pics sent by a reader from the webcam show.

Porn star Janine Lindemulder, ex-wife of motorcycle builder Jesse James, got an early Christmas present from Superior Court Commissioner Thomas H. Schulte this morning: permission for an overnight visit with her daughter on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

Schulte denied Lindemulder’s request for weekly overnight visits and imposed two conditions for the Christmas visit: that she suspend her nightly porn Webcast, and that her daughter not have any contact with Lindemulder’s new husband, a tattooed ex-con she married despite a federal court order to steer clear of felons.

James is the owner of the West Coast Choppers motorcycle shop and star of the Discovery Channel show, “Monster Garage.” Lindemulder has been in the pornography industry for 23 years. She posed in Penthouse in 1987 and was on the cover of Blink-182’s 1999 album “Enema of the State.” She recently served a four-month federal prison term for evading $300,000 in income tax. She has been kicked out of two halfway houses since her release, she told Schulte.

Both have ties to Orange County. James lives in Sunset Beach with actress Sandra Bullock, whom he married in 2005. Lindemulder is from Huntington Beach, but is currently living, she wrote in a letter to the court, in a three bedroom house in a “fairly undesirable” part of Hollywood. James had full custody of their daughter, Sunny, while Lindemulder served her six-month prison term, court records show. He took Sunny to visit Lindemulder a few times after she moved to the halfway house this summer.

James and Lindemulder have been fighting in court since 2003, before the birth of their daughter. The purpose of Monday’s hearing was to decide on the Christmas visit and regular weekly visitations.

Much of the short hearing was taken up with discussion of whether Lindemulder was violating the terms of her probation in her federal case by performing an explicit Webcam show she hypes on her Myspace page.

James’ lawyer, Marilyn S. Slifman, said she had a copy of the federal judge’s order, but couldn’t find it when Schulte asked.
Lindemulder argued that the order only applied to her time in a halfway house, and that she was free to make porn until she went back to federal court Dec. 16 for a probation violation hearing.
The matter was left unresolved.

In a letter to the court, Lindemulder acknowledges that she’d been prohibited from working in the only area she’d worked for 23 years, pornography.

In the letter, Lindemulder also asks for financial support from James and for him to sign for a house, since she can’t find a decent place because of bad credit.

The two sides also disagreed on whether Lindemulder was ignoring the federal court’s order not to associate with felons. Lindemulder argued that she and Jeremy Aikman lived in different halfway houses and had no contact, but was forced to concede that he had come with her Monday morning and was sitting in the back of the court.

— Register staff writer Doug Irving contributed to this story.

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