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Juicy new details in Playboy lawsuit

 A black female producer on Playboy Radio named Terri Hughes, through her attorney Michael Fattorosi, has filed a Race and Sex discrimination suit against Playboy, Farrell Hirsch and Christy Canyon. While a few of the allegations are already on the internet:

That Terri was called onto the set by Christy and told to wax her ass, even though Terri repeatedly said no.

That Farrell Hirsch said he didn’t want Negro shows on Playboy radio,

there are more interesting details that have not been covered. I read the lawsuit documents today and here are some new tidbits for you-This is my version of what Plaintiff, Terri Hughes alleges and the lawsuit states-

Ginger Lynn left as host of Night Calls because of a contract dispute with Playboy.

Vanessa Blue was transferred from a radio show titled “Private Calls” to Night Calls as a co-host.  At that time, a Playboy employee,  Alan Evans made a comment to Terri about adding “color” to the show.

Vanessa Blue indicated to Terri that Christy Canyon was creating a sexually and racially hostile environment. Christy  published  a picture on her website,,  featuring six Caucasian hosts of Playboy radio shows and Vanessa Blue, the only African American host on Playboy radio. Vanessa’s picture posted on the website was altered to intentionally deface, humiliate and cause ridicule to Vanessa Blue. (NL- I don’t know what was done to the picture, if anyone does, please let us know)

Hirsch adamantly stated, ” I don’t know how to say this, and it might offend you, but I”m just going to say it anyway- no Negro shows.” Later In a memorandum, Hirsch admits that he used the term Negro. (NL- Brilliant move. Don’t just say something offensive, make sure you put it in writing, lol)

All the white show producers were given their own desks. Terri was forced to share her desk and phone line with a Hispanic producer.

When a white male producer asked to be taken off Night Calls, because his girlfriend didn’t want him around porn stars, he was moved and his pay stayed the same. When Terri asked to be taken off the Night Calls show, she was told she would receive a cut in pay and a lower job title.

Playboy initiated a “no penetration” policy, Terri believes this is  because of Christy’s behavior on the show.

Christy exposed her pussy and breasts to guests and staff and asked them to touch her. She masturbated on the live shows with her hands and with sex toys.

Terri had a meeting with Vanessa and Christy to state that No means No, and since this was a radio show the hosts could act/improvise sex rather then having sexual contact.

Hirsch e-mailed Terri to tell her there wasn’t enough SEX on the show, that she was booking too many male guests and it was beginning to be a problem.

Terri found a bong/water pipe filled with marijuana in the studio.

NL- I have personally dealt with Terri while booking a guest on Playboy radio and thought she was professional, kind, and thoughtful. I talked to Terri via e-mail (and maybe phone, I don’t remember). Since I never met her in person I had no idea what color or nationality she was, and I don’t know why that should matter in her job. What should matter is if she does her job well. I’d love to hear Playboy’s side of this story and would welcome e-mail correspondence, and/or a copy of their legal filings

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