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Jules Jordan Losing Quality?

JJames writes on ADT:

Having bought the last 4 or 5 Jules Jordan titles does anybody else think that his quality is REALLY going downhill since he left Evil Angel with my general feeling that most of his scenes were shot years ago and are not exactly up to scratch anyways.
The only recent output that I thought was pretty decent was Mike John’s (especially Racial Tension 2 which had a great cast and at least a little thought put into it) on the other hand Erik Everhard’s attempts (which pretty much mirror Manuel Ferrara’s Evil Angel output) at class gonzo fall WELL short of the mark. Anybody agree or disagree??
I just get the feeling with Jules that he could do with getting his output out a little quicker as it doesn’t exactly feel “fresh”.
I think for the premium price that Jules Jordan’s titles seem to attract the customer deserves a far better end product than they are getting at the moment.

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