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June 22nd = #nopantyday



That’s right folks! Allegedly, TODAY! – Saturday June 22nd 2013 has been dubbed “no panty day” (which is probably a spinoff of the popular “no pants day“). We here at are all about extremes, and whether this is real or not, we support this wholeheartedly!


It seems someone thought it’d be funny to pull a prank, and do a sort of “panty-less flash mob” on a public transit system in 2010! Here’s the prank as it played out:


Here’s a news article coming out of the Phillipines from last year questioning the authenticity of No Panty Day. To be quite honest, I don’t have a problem with EVERY DAY being a no panties day! Do you? If you’re on my side, perhaps take a photo of yourself (18+ only!) going commando (write on yourself?) and send it into us at [email protected] for the world to see!

To celebrate such a day, why not get randy with some sexy up-skirt videos on your favourite fuck-site,! Here’s a few I deemed worthy:

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