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Just Holly interview- Luke & Holly Love Story- part 7

This is a reprint of a story I did when Luke Ford and Holly Randall where dating in 2006

Bra bustin’ and Deep Thrustin’” is Holly’s newest movie!
Holly has put out quite a few movies now and is getting better with every one! She is a good director and has an excellent sense of color and set design. She also casts great looking chicks! She is very picky about who she shoots, for a movie or a layout. She admits to causing at least one case of P.E.D. (Pornstar eating disorder)

Cindi– Do you come up with these titles yourself?
Holly– No. The only one I came up with was “ The Young and the Raunchy” which someone commented was the lamest title they had ever heard in their life. I think a lot of people in porn take it way too serious. I like to have fun with it. The anal movie we came out with is called “Love between the Cheeks”
C-That’s a cute name. How do you pick who you shoot? Because you have been called picky.
H-I’m very picky. Obviously they have to be hot. They have to have a good attitude. I mean obviously I’ve had to shot some serious bitches. If they have a good attitude, and they are positive and they are into it and they give a great performance, I’ll hire them again and again.
C-They all come in for Poloroids first right?
H-Yes. They come in for test shots and I can get an idea If they’ve modeled before, whether they know how to pose. What I have to concentrate on. If they need to get a tan. I can see if there are any flaws that I need to hide. There are a lot of things I have to plan for which is why I insist on seeing them in person first. So when I shoot them I can make them look the best as possible.
C-What is the hardest thing you ever had to tell anybody, besides turning them down. You must of had to tell people things that you didn’t want to say.
H-I’ve definitely had to tell this one girl that, we shot her once and then we shot her again a month and a half later and she had gained like 10-15 pounds and she was a small girl. It really showed. It definitely showed in her stomach. So as a woman I understand weight issues, I’ve been battling my weight my whole life. But I don’t make a living in front of the camera. I can get as fat as I want and I’ll still have a job. I told her in the nicest way that I could, “You’ve gained a little bit of weight. I want to shoot you again, and I want you to be in the best shape possible cause I want to get the best shoot on you.” I gave her some pointers like spinning class, running and cut some carbs, watch the sugar, no sodas. I told her she was a beautiful girl and she had a beautiful face. You can always work on your body, that is something you can change and control.
C-So she didn’t get pissed?
H-No she was fine, but she took it really to heart. She was only eighteen and after that she refused to eat.
C-You, Holly Randall, are the cause of the poor girls anorexia!
H-I know, I felt terrible. Because then she ended up collapsing and having to go to the emergency room.
I thought it was all my fault, but then I talked to her and she said a couple other photographers had told her the same thing. And I don’t know how they put it. But I tried to feed her.
C-You are very mothering I can tell. That’s how you ended up with Luke.
H-I know. I have three models staying with me. I feel like I am running this bed and breakfast. I live alone and I have a big house…
C-I thought you lived with your parents.
H-Oh hell no.
C-I always hear about the ranch, so I thought you lived there.
H-HELL NO! The office is up here at the ranch, that’s why I am here all the time. I moved out at eighteen. I love my Mom but….
C-I would guess that at least a third of the girls that want to shot with you, you have to turn down.
H-Yeah, at least.
C-What do you say?
H-They come in for Poloroids, and then I say thanks for coming in and if we have anything I’ll call you. And then if I don’t call them…..
C-You chicken shit.
H-What am I gonna do? Call them and say “Hi I just called you to tell you I don’t want to shoot you?”
C– Guess not.. (both crack up)

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