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JUST IN- Hill Threatens Suicide-Pictures- Updates

5pm This picture was taken at approx  by @seo_kiwi from twitter


 picture sent to me via twitter I can’t be certain it is Hill, but does resemble him

According to info on  twitter, this whole thing is taking place near a house at 8800 Azul Dr. Canoga Park.  That house is used for shooting and is owned by a Bondage producer named Michael Kahn. Kahn shoots his own line of bondage videos.

4:30pm UPDATE- Reporter Gigi Graciette-LAPD says Steve Driver is standing on cliff. Says he will kill himself w/Samurai sword rather than surrender.



A SWAT team has set up a perimeter in a West Hills neighborhood, where authorities said 34-year-old Stephen Clancy Hill was seen standing on a cliff near a home in the 8000 block of Azul Drive.

Hill reportedly was threatening to hurt himself with a sword and refused to step away from the edge of the hillside.

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