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Just in-Many Deaths in Plane Crash at Reno Air Races-UPDATE

 UPDATE- Pilot was 74, not 80. It looks like he pushed the plane straight down to crash and save lives by avoiding the grandstands containing thousands of people. Currently reported are 3 dead (including the pilot) and more than 50 injuried.

NL-Just in, and details are sketchy. So what I am giving you is not confirmed. During a qualifying race at the Reno Air Races, 80 year old Pilot Jim Leeward radioed a mayday and then took his plane up and away to avoid other planes and the fan’s bleachers. Unfortunately the plane spiraled to the ground and hit the Box Seats area. Several people were killed, many suffered serious injuries. No info yet on possible cause of crash.

Please check your news for the latest updates. There is supposed to be an update by officials at 7pm PST

If anyone is in the area or at the show, please contact me. [email protected]

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