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Just When You Thought Hatler Gurius Couldn’t Get Any Dumber #HatlerGurius

Hatler Gurius

Hatler Gurius is very quickly surpassing Astrid Star as the dumbest person on the internet. That title isn’t to be taken lightly, it took years for Astrid to garner it, and Hatler has almost caught up to her 2 weeks

Hatler, whose never done anything in adult, has been bitching about AVN since it ended. His hatred stems from him being a fucking loser.. Anyway, every day he claims he’s suing this person and that person, he’s gonna destroy everyone and take over the world…It’s pretty funny actually, especially since every tweet talks about his lawyer is working on suing AVN and countless others. But like most fucking drug addict idiots, he doesn’t remember the tweets he’s previously made. Take this one for instance:

In this tweet, he states his lawyer isn’t afraid of AVN..

The irony in the tweet is he literately does suck dick for industry money, and takes untested creampies in his ass..

That tweet means nothing on it’s own, but add this one to it and you see how clueless this guy is:

Notice his model backing has gone up since last week, it’s almost tripled in fact.. LOL the real number is 2, him and Astrid..

The dude, so high on drugs, went back to a tweet made in 2016.

The only problem with this idiots lie, is he’s tweeting at AVNs lawyer.. 🙂 The guy publicly claimed he knows more about the adult industry then TRPWL, AVN, XBIZ and countless other people, didn’t know Fattorosi was and maybe still is AVNs attorney.

At a minimum, he would be conflicted out, and knowing what I know, He’s, Fattorosi, smart enough to know that Hatler has a drug habit that rivals James Bartholet, has NO case, is a dumbass, and is hated by just about everyone. It’s a losing proposition all the way around..

I’m convinced Hatler is here strictly for my amusement, and Im good with that

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