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Kacey Jordan in the Hospital Again And Again…

Friday-Kacey Jordan reported that she was in the ER for alcohol poisoning, that she needed two IV bags. Nurse said she was dehydrated  and busted two veins trying to get the IV in, blood splattered all over. Kacey was thankful for the get well wishes, said she wasn’t trying to kill herself. She laughed about everyone suggesting that she go to rehab.

The next day here’s a pic from Kacey’s twitter-

Kacey’s tweet from the next day-

i can’t wait until my drug dealer gets here so i can bang 7 gram rocks and finish them.

Next day tweets– i just scared myself looking the mirror… my ribs are showing… i’ve been eating like a pig… somethings wrong. i guess snorting a line during a steak dinner might be the reason lol   i don’t plan to live past 30… i think i’m doing things right to make that happen

Calm down guys… If Charlie can admit to banging 7 gram rocks I can admit to a line… Sheesh I like it better than coffee!  Ready to drink another mimosa, rock some other shit…then pass out. i’ve over done it… the more i do…i keep passing out… i just pray i wake up each time. shouldn’t i be all awake… i keep fainting. i guess i’ll have to do more and see what that does.

a) i appreciate ur concern (hotel security raiding my room) b) i’m fine c) i have a family to live for… i’m not trying to kill myself

i took a bunch of pills…drank a hotel size bottle of jack… stumbled to the bathroom to weigh myself………86 lbs

those 16 hours i was with charlie sheen… messed me up… i can’t get that image out of my head… i think i keep trying to feel his pain

Reports are out that Kacey was trying to kill herself again and people she was tweeting with called the cops, they came and took her to the hospital, again… Kacey said she wasn’t trying to kill herself, it was all a publicity stunt.

and finally 17 hours ago-I’m Soooo bored in this hospital bed! I wanna have someone save me…

NL- Is this girl a drama queen? a crazy person? an addict? extremely immature? or is this a real cry for help?



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