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Kacey Villainess

She blogs:

Yesterday was the 1st annual Search 4 A Cause charity scavenger hunt. The turnout was great and there were even some press people….Such as Luke Ford. I have seen Luke at a few industry events and posed for pics on the red carpet for him. However, until yesterday I did not know that he keeps a blog baring all “secrets”…or that he trash talks people from the industry. So, yesterday, I get really nervous. I had to decide whether to go through with the interview if he asked or to tell him no and go about my business. He of course asked and I decided that I should go along with his interview rather than possibly have a blog posted blasting me as a bitch. I hated having to debate this in my mind, especially since he seemed like a nice, normal guy. Anyways, I found out my interview was up on because some viewers messaged me on my fan page. Only my interview is up on there, so I am currently cringing for what is to come on later. I cross my fingers that he is nice!!! Anyways– Here is my interview…do I always sound like a valley girl on camera or what?

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