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Kagney Linn Karter- Exclusive Interview- Part 2

Interview By Cindi Loftus     
Photos Courtesy Of Zero Tolerance
     ©2010 Xcitement Magazine

part one

X: What happened when you got out there?

K: I started dancing and I was going on (mainstream) auditions. I was on MTV twice on Expose which is like this little fifteen minute dating show. So I got my fifteen minutes of fame on MTV.

X: Twice!

K: Yeah, twice. (Laughs) So many people were telling me that I looked like a porn star. I became friends with a girl that was a porn star, and I thought she does it and she’s super fabulous and all poofed out all the time. I’m like how do you always look like that, and she said she got her makeup done everyday. I thought that sounds like fun. You just sit and get your makeup done and get your wardrobe and then you get to have sex. Wait, why am I not looking into this?

X: Yeah, you still get to act.

K: I was totally in denial about it… I thought about it, and maybe I could get some cool acting roles. I never thought I’ll do porn to get to mainstream. I knew I would be taking a step the opposite way. Once I became interested in doing porn, I just needed to see what I had to do to become the best at it. I’m not going to sit around here and wait for a mainstream acting career, if it’s not going to happen. It’s not that I gave up on my dream, it was just that reality hit a little bit more. Once I started looking into the industry I saw opportunity. It was obvious that Jenna had moved on and Tera was moving on. I saw a huge opportunity for a new generation. And I thought maybe I can get in there. There might be a spot for me to get into this industry and do huge things. I felt opportunity knocking, pretty much pounding at the door.

X: That’s great. You are “Kelly Bundy” now, with your starring role in Not Married With Children XXX. That was acting.

K: It’s fun. Getting into a character is fun.

X: I love porn parody movies. That’s my favorite kind, and it has been since the Bradys came out.

K: I totally agree. Some people think it’s such a long set, and it is. But at the same time it’s long because there is so much dialog, and that’s the best part about it, if you like to act. Those are my favorite movies to do too. When I signed my contract, I made it a big point of mine that I wanted to be the star for a huge scripted feature. ZT is kind of a gonzo company, but lately they have been doing a lot more parodies and stuff. That was a big reason for me signing with them.

X: I didn’t see it yet, but I know you did Super Hero Sex Therapist.

K: You should go on YouTube and watch some of the clips. There are free trailers on there, and it is seriously hilarious. Mike writes in a super funny way.

X: You mean director Mike Quasar? I love him. He is the funniest person on the planet.

K: Oh my god I know. I love working with him. We just did Southern Bells (Alexis Texas & KLK are  on the cover) and we were supposed to do it on a ranch, but it rained that day so we are dressed up in these huge southern outfits right, and we are talking in country accents in your regular average modern California house on the hill, corny stuff like that. He likes to do stuff like that. In Sex Therapist I am helping out couples to have great sex, so I get all hot and steamy from them having sex in front of me. I make a cameo in each scene like I say let me show you how to do a little bit better and give a blow job or eat a girl out or something like that.  It’s quirky and funny and fun. It’s a great couples movie and it’s hot and sexy. I had my own scene as well besides all the cameos. I loved that movie. It’s very funny.

X: So you got to act and have Quasar as your director, sounds good. I tell him all the time that talking to him turns me on because his sense of humor is so hot.

K: I agree. Sometimes I get turned on by Mike. He’s just like cool, and he makes me feel comfortable. He makes me feel good. I have been on sets with directors and they don’t let you have any input, and they are kind of mean, and they are a little bit too uptight on a porn set.

X: Yeah, it’s not Gone With the Wind part 2.

K: Right. Mike just makes you feel awesome and like you can be yourself, and that’s the best way.

X: He’s great. I was thinking that a great parody for ZT to do would be American Idol. You would be the perfect lead in that. You can have the three judges…

K: And one of the scene could be a scandal between Paula and one of the contestants.

X: Exactly, and you can catch Ryan doing, you know…

K: (Laughs)

X: And then the ending can just be you singing and winning.

K: Then I could say Oh I won American Idol.

X: Yes and then you could have sex with Simon, who will be played by Marcus London. Do you do interracial?

K: I will be doing my first interracial scene this year. I am really excited about it because I have jungle fever! When I do it I want it to be so special, because it is special to me.

X: Who are you going to do your scene with?

K: It hasn’t been decided yet.

X: I personally have a thing for Lexington Steele.

K: He would be my type because I like the basketball player, slender muscles, tall, sexy, dark. I am really excited to do interracial.

X: I just did an interview with Sophie Dee and we talked quite a bit about interracial porn. One of the issues is that black women are paid less then white girls

K: The thing is ethnic porn is sometimes some of the best. I tend to see the girls side as well. I don’t see why a black woman should be paid less then I am. They are so beautiful. Some of the black women in the industry completely overshadow some of the other ethnicities. It could be visa-versa too, but there should be equality.

X: Black porn doesn’t sell as well as white porn supposedly.

K: I think interracial sells a lot.

X: You are right, it does. What is the craziest sex you ever had?

K: I’ve had a few threesomes. The craziest though would be when I had sex with, oh this is going to sound so bad, I had sex with like five guys. They were all college boys who were on the basketball team.

X: How did this come about?

K: One of my girlfriends was in college so I went to college parties and I just ended up meeting some guys and my hormones were raging and I was down and all these guys wanted to have sex with me and only me and so it felt good, and I felt like a little sex goddess.

X: Wow. You were definitely meant to be in porn.

K: Oh my God I was such a whore I keep thinking back on what I did. But I have no regrets. I loved it. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

X: Do you have an unfulfilled fantasy?

K: I have a fantasy of having a sex slave. And then I have a fantasy, I’ve never had a girl suck a guy’s dick while he eats me, and so a lot of times when I fantasize I think about that to cum. That is one of my nasty things that I always think about.

X: And where can people apply to fulfill your fantasies? You know how many guys would want to be your sex slave?

K: When I think about it, it’s always a girl. Then I could play with her and another guy. I want to be a sex slave as well. To be a good dominant, you have to be submissive first. So I want to do that, but in a controlled environment where I can have a little bit of say. If I do it I want it to be my thing. I need to have the right group of people around me where I feel safe.

X: I think if you told Mike that you want to be a sex slave in a movie he could probably write it in about an hour.

K: Totally.  He would be all about it.

X: What is your favorite type of sexy scene?

K: I like one on one, either with a girl or a guy. I feel like that is when I do the best.

X: Yeah, not like five guys and you. (Laughs)

K: Well, I think I do could do okay with that too. (Laughs) In a scene, one on one. But I fantasize about multiples all the time.

X: That’s because you get to be in charge in your fantasies so they only do what you want

K: I know.  (Laughs)

X: And I want to say that this issue will be at the Miami Exxxotica Convention and you will be too!
K: That fucking rocks.
X: Do you have a message for your fans?

K: I love you guys and Kagney Linn Karter can keep you cumming.

you can read the whole interview and see the naked layout here

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