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Kagney Linn Karter- Exclusive Interview

Kagney Linn Karter, KLK for short has become a HUGE star in a short time. KLK is a talented actress, and started her LA journey as someone who wanted to be a mainstream actress and singer. She soon realized that a more realistic dream would be for her to become a big star in the adult world. And it didn’t take long for her to do just that. She won AVN’s Best New Starlet award & X-Biz’s New Starlet of the Year Award in the same year.  She signed a contract with Zero Tolerance and has a hit movie with them, Kagney Linn Karter Superhero Sex Therapist. With this strong of a start, KLK is the cream of the crop that will certainly rise to the top.

Interview By Cindi Loftus     
Photos Courtesy Of Zero Tollerance
     ©2010 Xcitement Magazine

Xcitement: I am really happy to get to talk to you. You are doing so well in the industry. You are BIG!

Kagney: Thank you. I’m trying to be.

X: You have blown up this last year, you haven’t been in the business all that long and you are so famous already! You should be proud of yourself.

K: Thank you I am. I have a work ethic. I feel like it’s the most important thing, and of course liking what you do.

X: And you’ve gotten a contract with Zero Tolerance, congratulations!

K: Thank you. Yes, Back in January right before the AVN convention they contracted me. I am pretty excited about it.

X: Do you have a certain number of movies and appearances you have to do?

K: I will be doing twenty-eight scenes a year for them. Appearances, I usually do one signing a month.  We don’t have a number on appearances and stuff. Greg (Alves, the owner of Zero Tolerance) is a great guy. He’s not going to work me to the bone or anything like that. He doesn’t do that to Courtney or any other of their contract girls, so it’s a good business relationship and he makes me feel very comfortable and they put out amazing products. It’s the best on the shelf right now.

X: They have beautiful box covers always.

K: I know. I love it. I love their box covers. It just all worked out. It’s a very easy, lucrative contract. So it was the best choice for me.

X: That’s great. ZT has amazing contract girls and directors.

K: Yes. I love Sara Sloan. I am so glad that she is one of the contract girls.
X: You love her and you get to have sex with her,
K: Yes. I have only done one scene with her so far, we were supposed to do a scene for one of Courtney’s movies, but it got rescheduled, so hopefully I will still be with her.  But the scene I did do with her was amazing. The chemistry was just there. She is awesome. I love working with her.

X: It’s funny the difference in what you mean when you say that, unlike someone that works at Starbucks and says “ I love working with her. We make coffee so well together.”

K: (Laughs) Yeah.

X: When you mean we fuck each other and eat pussy together. It’s nice that for work you can have sex with someone that you are really attracted to and have chemistry with, and you can do it on demand. I think I want to have sex with Sara next month, can you set that up Greg? You have a pretty good job if you like sex.

K: Yes.

X: There are some porn stars that don’t like sex much, but we usually find that out after they leave the business.

K: I might know some now. If they say they like sex and you can watch their scenes and you can tell they lie. (Laughs)

X: Well Tera Patrick has her book out right now, that says she loves sex. Her soon to be ex-husband on the other hand says they hardly had sex when they were married. So you never know who is truthful.

K: I don’t know much about Tera, but she has a huge fan base.

X: Yes she does. I love Tera. I would definitely say, at least in recent years the top stars were Jenna Jameson, and then Tera Patrick. And maybe next we’ll be saying KLK!

K: Hopefully. That’s the idea.

X: How did you pick your name?

K: Kagney is my real name.

X: It is? That’s a very cool name. I figured you picked that for sure because it’s so original.

K: Well I didn’t pick it my parents did. I choose to keep it because when I got into the industry I knew that I was going to do it full force and this would probably be my career for a while. So I was thinking why do I need to change my name, I love my name. My name is beautiful. So I just changed the last name. Kagney Linn is my real name. I just added Karter. When you grow up with a name like Kagney seriously, it is the best thing you can do when you have kids is give your kid a name that nobody else has, because it really makes them feel like an individual. I’ve always felt different than everybody else. Being named Kagney makes me really unique and special.

X: That’s great and it’s great that you feel that way. The only Kagney I can think of was that police show a million years ago, Cagney & Lacey.

K: But there is an old actor named Jimmy Cagney, or James Cagney. And that is actually who my father named me after.

X: That’s pretty impressive. I told everyone on twitter that I was interviewing you and someone asked, how come Kagney didn’t have all three of her names begin with K. And I said because that she would be KKK, and she wouldn’t want to be the same initials as the Ku Klux Klan!

K: That is funny. No, I wouldn’t want too. But I didn’t even think of that. I probably would have being such an airhead, oh KKK, I should have all three K’s. How come nobody is hiring me?

X: (Laughs) Yep. You certainly wouldn’t get any interracial scenes. Were you popular in high school?

K: Yes. I was.

X: Did all the girls hate you?

K: I was very promiscuous, so I went from being really popular to oh she’s a slut. (Laughs) I was very well known, but it’s almost in like an infamous way. But now I’m hugely infamous in my town.

X: Isn’t that funny? So being a slut in your town was a bad thing, but being a slut in your job now is a good thing.

K: I know.

X: When you go home do you get recognized?

K: I did a signing in my hometown recently, so it was really freaky.

X: Did a lot of people you know come to see you at the signing?

K: Yeah, they did. It was really weird when one of my girlfriend’s Dad’s came in. He said I think you used to play downstairs with my daughter, and he got a movie and had me sign it. And then he took a picture. It was weird. He was really sweet about it and very fun and he wanted the movie for his buddy.

X: Yeah, sure he did.

K: Yeah, I don’ t know if he is going to go home and watch it.

X: Isn’t it strange to think that your girlfriends in high school’s Dads are jerking off to you? How about your science teacher from 9th grade is seeing you now.

K: I was so nervous that one of my old teachers was going to come in there to my signing. When they wanted me to book it, I was like YAH! Then I was like, why did I do that?

X: It sounded like a good idea at the  time.

K: Right. Right. What the fuck was I thinking? I just got out of high school not even five years ago. I was waiting for my teachers to come in.

X: Yes, and you kept your name that no one else in the world has. What would be funny is if your small town had the Welcome sign and it said home of Kagney Linn Karter, like they do for the famous sports players. Small towns always say the most famous person that came from there, and for your town, it’s probably you.

K: (Laughs) My home town is where the Pony Express started. But it only lasted for like seventeen months and then there were trains.

X: Well you are the most famous thing in recent years, and you’ve already outlasted the pony express.  What other jobs did you have? Did you ever work at McDonalds?

K: I worked at Burger King for a week. I wasn’t ready for it. I just wanted to eat the food. I was so hungry.  When do I get my free burger? It was like fuck this. I worked at a Mexican restaurant after that. It was a major scandal because an owner there tried to put a hit out on his wife. So now he is in jail for I think attempted murder. It’s crazy.

X: So you obviously knew him when you worked there.

K: Yes. He gave me eight hundred dollars so I could go to this convention in New York where I found my agent which was the whole reason that I moved to LA.

X: What a chain of events! How did you end up being a stripper? Because wasn’t that the first step in the porn journey?

K: Yes it was. You are good Cindi, you’re good.

X: Thank you. So you went to be a stripper where?

K: Well this is what happened.  I was saving up my money. I wanted to go to this convention because I really wanted to get into mainstream. I took acting classes so I would have credits.  I got a manager and he wanted me to move to LA and told me I would need to get a job waiting tables. And I said waiting tables? When I found out how much rent and everything was out there, I was like there is no way I can save up. So it just seemed so much easier to take a few things off, ya know?

X: Exactly.

K: I started working at The Show in Missouri and saving up money. I saved about five grand. Then I packed all my shit up in my Mother’s 1996 Ford Thunderbird and drove it all the way from Missouri to California.

X: Good for you.

Part two coming up.
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