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Kami Andrews Vs. Hillary Scott

Kami Andrews posts on ADT: “I think [Hillary Scott] is a hot awesome performer who made the mistake of falling in love with a POS [piece of s— aka Leah Luv].”

Susan Kimball posts: “I’m not suprised that Leah is no longer shooting scenes. I caught her performance in the American Gokkun DVD and she did not look happy to be there.”

Hillary Scott writes on ADT: “If you guys are going to perpetuate gossip, i’m not going to post anymore.”

Kami Andrews posts:

I get annoyed when I see “stars” come on here, only self promote, not participate and them expect people to walk on egg shells. If people dare to talk about something that makes you uncomfortable you threaten to take away the divine grace of your self promotion.

I always thought you were a great performer, and very easy to get along with, that’s why you holier than thou attitude surprised me. I understand how important you think you are. And you have gone way further than I ever did, granted i never fucked mike ramone… but you are still just a human at the end of a very rough career.

people don’t kiss your ass because of your personality (which as you fade sucks more) your not some big star, realize what you are and treat people with a little respect. You really are a great porn star, you do great scenes, but you really don’t warrant what you are demanding.

Fan bois will disagree, they like it when porn chicks post, any porn chick, and the one they get attention from is their favorite. It’s good for the board to have porn chicks post, but you can’t control the content of an open board this size like you would a myspace account, it isn’t hillaryscottdvdtalk, and when you have your hissy fit and don’t post some one else will and they will be the flavor of the week. your week was rightly last year. All that text and all im trying to say is your “if i don’t have my way i wont post” is flat out annoying, you contribute nothing except self promotion.

Hillary Scott responds:

i don’t think im some big star. thats why i dont understand why personal life is so fucking interesting. i don’t think im any kind of celebrity at all and that’s why it bothers me that my personal life is all over the internet. yes, i need to get over it. i shouldn’t be so sensitive. but when i read a post from someone asking about my movies and in turned into a thread about a subject that really bothers me, i just reacted. probably should have blew it off. oh well. my post was not even directed at you, in my mind.

you think i don’t know where you’re coming from, well you obviously don’t know where im coming from.

i hardly think im some super porn star who deserves respect from all. i consider myself to be equal to everyone here and im bothered when people talk about me like im not here, reading it.

i was nothing but nice to you the two times i met you, it’s fucked up you’re jumping to such conclusions because of one sentence i wrote. not even thinking about why i wrote it.

who cares how much i post and what i post about? at least i post. i didn’t know “self promotion” was condemned here. it’s not like it “adult dvd talk”, right? god forbid i talk about my adult dvds to people who like them….

and i never fucked mike ramone or anybody for any kind of attention or awards. i don’t care enough to do so. and you’re a bitch for saying that.

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