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Kanye Tweets Nude Kardashian Lookalike

“Kim Kardashian” Naked Tweeted Pic

Recently, epic-douche Kanye West tweeted a pic of Kim Kardashian’s naked backside!

Though this voyeur-esque masterpeice only lasted a minute or less on his douchey twitter feed, the internet community couldn’t let this go to waste and the image spread like wildfire.

It’s apparent in this work of art that Kim enjoys consuming room serviced treats in the nude – but wait!

To anyone who is fixated on the Kardashian way of life may realize lower back peircings are more of a pornstar kind of thing, and this seems to be exactly what is happening with our glorious glimpse at “Kim”.

It turns out the photo is actually of pornstar Amia Miley, and you can see more of her sexy bare ass and spunky attitude right here on!

Of course Kim is up in arms about the accusations of said image, and Amia is simply pissed off about being compared to the scum that is Kim Kardashian! All the while, Kanye defends himself by having his rep. call the whole incident “laughable” and “totally false”.

It would appear Kanye and his publicist were the ones who “finished” here – with the last laugh!

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